Cafe Kronborg 23/06

Bangpakong was the game today up route 7 for 70 minutes with

A steady flow of heavy traffic along the way.swift checking and off the first tee under very

Soggy conditions with a heavy rain just ending earlier .the course was in very bad condition

Apparently they used river water which had a lot of ocean salt as it is a tidal flow killing

A good portion of the grass in addition the greens on holes 4 and 5 which were relaid

About 3 years ago were in very bad condition.

Back in the clubhouse a welcome went out to Paul Seaford from

The UK and a goodby to Daryl Evans back to Queensland for 3 weeks.

The winner was Daryl Evans with 35 points,Graham Buckingham

Second with 32 points ,Walter Baechli third with 29 points and Ronnie Ratte fourth

With 26 Points.

1st Daryl Evans                                                     (23)                           35 Points

2nd Graham Buckingham                                (24)                            32 Points

3rd Walter Baechli                                              (14)                           29 Points

4th Ronnie Ratte                                                  (18)                           26 Points


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