Cafe Kronborg 23/01

Cafe Kronborg played at Pattavia Monday 23rd January, where we were told we could go straight out as there were a number of other groups due to arrive, so a quick change and onto the course. It was in great condition with the usual fast greens. With the greens as slick as they are 3 putts were inevitable, so the order of the day is never give up as the back 9 always seems slightly easier for putting than the front.
Got round the first 9 in good time only to be confronted by another group who had been told to go half off the front & half off the back. So after a 20 minute wait we were on our way again, but in spite of this not a bad round.
Despite his handicap being cut and being restricted for the next 20 rounds Jan still managed to beat the rest of the B flight field, although with 32 points.
As Richard was still sick & tucked up in bed at home it was down to me to do the cards and the presentation with help from Peter Hammond. Thanks Peter.
There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 21 and the B flight 22 and above.
The A Flight winner was Ronnie Ratte with a great score of 40 points. Second was Brian Gabe with 38 points, third was a newcomer to our group, David Johl with 34 points. In fourth place was Michele Sancillo with 32 points.
In B Flight Jan Lovgreen was first with 32 points, followed by Kai Aabling with 29 points. Third place went to countback with Jan Badura winning with 28 points (15 on the back 9), and in fourth place losing out on countback was Gordon Clegg whose back 9 score will remain a secret forever!
R & CK

A Flight (0-21)
1st Ronnie Ratte (18) 40 points
2nd Brian Gabe (17) 38 points
3rd David Johl (17) 34 points
4th Michele Sancillo (8) 32 points

B Flight (22 & Above)
1st Jan Lovgreen (22) 32 points
2nd Kai Aabling (23) 29 points
3rd Jan Badura (26) 28 points (count back last 9 15 points)
4th Gordon Clegg (33) 28 points

Near Pins
No.4 Henning Olsen
No.7 Sam Pahal
No.13 Svend Gaard
No.17 Jan Badura
Long Putts
No.9 Michele Sancillo
No.18 Kurt Sandgaard

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