Cafe Kronborg 02/03


Kronborg golfers went to Pattavia today -a graveyard for good putters. If the second green does not kill you then the fourth certainly will !
This is a smart well maintained golf course that the PSC have sensibly recognised as worthy of holding its annual two day championship. No rants today – only raves about the great condition of the course and the greens. You know what you are getting at this course although sometimes it feels like a punch in the face.
Nobody in our group today was able to play to par and only three players made par on the short 138 yard fourth hole.
One player did however show the rest of us that no matter how many shots you are given you still have to get the ball in the hole to score and that player was Eddie “The Eagle ” Glinsek. Eddie won the ‘B’ Flight (20 upwards) with a fine 34 points in spite of blobbing the long par four ninth- a green too far – and the 18th. Well done Eddie you beat the field on a difficult and very good golf course.
Second in the ‘B’ Flight with 33 points was Torben Sorensen who in spite of blobbing the 18th had 18 points on the back 9 to beat Daryl Evans who took third place also with 33 points but only 14 points on the back 9. Gordon Clegg was in fourth place with 32 points.
In the ‘A’ Flight (0-19) Kenneth Masden with his 33 points and his 10 points on the last 6 just pipped Arne Max Pedersen who also had 33 points but 9 points on the last 6. In third place with 29 points was Kris Helgason – a long standing member of the Kronborg who joined us today after a long absence.Hope to see you again soon Kris. In fourth place was Brian Gabe with 28 points although the temporary golf organiser tried to give his place to a player with 27 points.
Sorry Brian and sorry Peter – watch out Kronborg there may be further cock-ups to come before I return to the UK at the end of this month !!
A Flight(0-19)
1st Kenneth Masden  (16) 33 points
2nd Arne Max Pedersen (19) 33 points
3rd Kris Helgason (18) 29 points
4th Brian Gabe (16) 28 points

B Flight(20 upwards)
1st Eddie Glinsek (36) 34 points
2nd Torben Sorensen (25) 33 points
3rd Daryl Evans (23) 33 points
4th Gordon Clegg (30) 32 points

Nearest the pins
4th Ronnie Rattee
7th Nobody – too far !
13 th Eddie Glinsek
17th Nobody — too far!

Longest first putts
9th Peter Hammond
18th Kenneth Masden

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