Cafe Kronborg 22/3



Cafe Kronborg played at Greenwood on Thursday 22nd March, where the allotted courses were C and A, a combination which normally is very difficult, however playing from the yellow tees made it more accessible.

The course was in pretty good condition and the greens were a good speed and ran true, start the ball on the correct line and it went in. Quite a few in our group managed to take advantage of the conditions and the scores were pretty good, especially in the A flight.

Back in the clubhouse the card showed that several players had taken the course apart with the precision of a surgeon. Five players managing to easily beat their handicap.

The presentation was slightly delayed because the last group had left one of the near pins on the course and this had to be retrieved. Everyone in the last group please check that all pins are present before you leave the course and if one is missing go and get it. If you don’t have a buggy talk to the starter and usually they’ll take you there in one. The organiser has enough to worry about without worrying about lost pins, especially if his name is on it!

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 21 and the B flight 22 and above.

The A Flight winner was Kenneth Madsen with the score of the day and apparently his best score ever, an electrifying 45 points, Kenneth breaking 80 for the first time with a 79 off the stick. Well done to Kenneth and look forward to a handicap reduction of 1, maybe 2 next week. Richard Kubicki was second with a sterling 41 points, the main action happening on the back 9 which he parred, giving him 23 points. Third was a flummoxed Rob Brown with a superb 40 points off his 7 handicap, a score which would easily win here on any other day.

In the B Flight the winner was Torben Sorensen joining the forty point club with a superb 41 points. Torben hitting a bit of form after a recent gravelly patch. Gordon Clegg came second with a solid 39 points. Two players had 34 points and third place was decided on countback, this being the Kronborg countback is calculated as per the card. Taking third place was Gordon Baird with a countback of 19 points, Gordon entering the winners circle for the first time this season. Losing out was Eddie the eagle Glinsek who had a countback of 18 points, at least Eddie’s near pin and long put wins eased the disappointment a little.

R & CK

A Flight (0-21)

1st Kenneth Madsen (16)              45 points

2nd Richard Kubicki (13)                  41 points

3rd Rob Brown (7)                             40 points


B Flight (22 & Above)

1st Torben Sorensen (26)               41 points

2nd Gordon Clegg (25)                     39 points

3rd Gordon Baird (24)                      34 points (Countback of 19 points, beating Eddie Glinsek’s countback of 18)

Near Pins

C3.          No-one good enough

C6.          Eddie Glinsek

A2.         Rob Brown

A6.         Richard Kubicki

Long Putts

C9.          Gordon Baird

A9.         Eddie Glinsek

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