Cafe Kronborg 21/3



Cafe Kronborg played Greenwood B & C courses on Thursday 21st March, with both the A & B flight men playing off the yellow tees and the ladies playing off the red tees which were only a short distance ahead. The course was in good condition with the greens a little longer than usual, making uphill into the grain putts very slow indeed. You just couldn’t bring yourself to hit these putts hard enough.

Back in the clubhouse the scores were pretty good in the A flight with all winners playing to handicap or better, but the scores in B flight were a little baffling.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 23 and the B flight 24 and above.

The A Flight winner was Arne Max Pedersen, continuing his excellent form with a superb 38 points. A total of 16 on the front nine was shored up with a storming 22 points on the harder C nine. Well done to Arne. Second with a solid 37 points was Ty Anderson, another good score after his emphatic victory on Monday. Third was Henning Olsen with a handicap matching 36 points, Henning another person whose form is going from strength to strength.

In B Flight there was a bit of a conundrum as the 2 ladies playing today made the podium even though the yellow tees were only a few metres behind. Taking first place and saving Viking honour was Kurt Sandgaard with a sublime 40 points and the score of the day. Kurt was in a league of his own today, being 9 points ahead of second place which was taken by a somewhat surprised Carole Kubicki with 31 points. Third place was claimed by an equally surprised Karen Brown with 30 points.

All winners made life easy for the organisers as unusually there was not even one countback today.

R & CK


A Flight (0-23)

1st Arne Max Pedersen (23)         38 points

2nd Ty Anderson (12)                       37 points

3rd Henning Olsen (22)                   36 points


B Flight (24 & Above)

1st Kurt Sandgaard (33)                  40 points

2nd Carole Kubicki (24)                    31 points

3rd Karen Brown (31)                       30 points


Near Pin

B5           Henning Olsen


Long Putt

C9           Ty Anderson

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