Cafe Kronborg played Plutaluang Navy course Thursday 21st February, where a small but elite group of golfers set off from the Kronborg expecting to play East and South for a change, but we were allocated North and West, arguably the better 18. The course was in good shape and the greens ran more or less as expected. Yellow tees for all and the big hitters amongst the A flight had a chance to capitalise, but few did.

Back in the clubhouse the cards bore witness to some reasonable scores in both flights, with two players beating their handicap. As expected the A Flight scored better and if you were below net par you had no chance of a prize.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 24 and the B flight 25 and above.

The A Flight winner was Rob Brown, with a superb 39 points, off his 5 handicap, the score of the day and one of only two players to beat their handicap. Rob’s recent consistency being rewarded not only with first place, but also with a cut to 4 next week the lowest he’s ever been. Congratulations to him and good luck with the 4 handicap. Second was Ronnie Ratte with an excellent 37 points, which could have been even better had lady luck gone his way. Ronnie struggling of late, but definitely no struggles today. Third was Peter Bygballe with a solid 36 points, Peter never far away and making the podium today.

In B Flight the winner was Gordon Clegg with a respectable 34 points, taking B flight with a couple of points to spare with 2 players having 32 points fighting it out for second and third place. Jan Lovgreen taking second place with a countback of 16 points, beating Tiziano Dal Pastro into third who only had 11 points on the back after a storming 21 points on the front.

The smaller group meant only 2 near pins and 2 long putts, even so only 3 of these were claimed as no one made a first putt on the 18th green.

R & CK


A Flight (0-24)

1st Rob Brown (5)                             39 points

2nd Ronnie Ratte (21)                       37 points

3rd Peter Bygballe (18)                    36 points


B Flight (25 & Above)

1st Gordon Clegg (26)                      34 points

2nd Jan Lovgreen (25)                      32 points (Countback 16 points)

3rd Tiziano Dal Pastro (25)             32 points (Countback 11 points)


Near Pins

No.6      Carole Kubicki

No.12    Ronnie Ratte

Long Putts

No.9      Henry Wong

No.18    No one

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