Cafe Kronborg 20/11

Khao Kheow A&B 20 Nov Stableford

The Pete Dye Designed Khao Kheow Was The Venue Off A1 15 Minutes Early With

Cloudy Skies All Day.The Course Was In Good Shape But Most Weve Seen Recently Are Better.

Back In The Clubhouse It Was A Welcome For Hollywood Transportation Captain John Orlebeck.

Two Flights Today With The Cut At Handicap 20.

Mashi Kaneta Won The A Flight With A Fine 40 Points,Peter Bygballe Second With 39 Points,Kenneth

Madsen Third With 37 Points And Ulf Larsson Fourth With 36 Points.

Gordon Clegg Again A Winner With The Best Score Of The Day 43 Points,Torben Sorensen Second

With A Fine 42 Points,Karl Beter Third With 33 Points And Elias Mgnusson Fourth With 32 Points.

A Flight 0-20

1st Mashi Kaneta (14) 40 Points

2nd Peter Bygballe (20) 39 Points

3rd Kenneth Madsen (14) 37 Points

4th Ulf Larsson (15) 36 Points

B Flight 21 And Up

1st Gordon Clegg (32) 43 Points

2nd Torben Sorensen (24) 42 Points

3rd Karl Beter (32) 33 Points

4th Elias Magnusson (21) 32 Points

Thanks Dave Photo To Follow

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