Cafe Kronborg played at Pleasant Valley on Thursday 20th February, where the wind was blowing from all directions making club selection and fade or draw decisions difficult. The Blue Tees for the A flight further raised the difficulty of the task in hand. The greens were running faster than normal which was great, but putting was not easy by any stretch of the imagination.

We teed off early and after a slow start the field stretched out and a good pace of play ensued. Good scores were not expected, but one person nailed it, leaving everyone else in his wake.

Back in the clubhouse the scores weren’t as bad as expected most people making 30 plus points.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 21 and the B flight 22 and above.

The A Flight winner was Carole Kubicki with a solid 36 points, including a superb 21 points on the back nine which she usually finds more difficult. This was her second win of the week, the coaching obviously paying off. In second place was Mr Consistency himself, Rob Brown with a steady 35 points off his 6 handicap. Breaking 80 on the day which was no mean feat in the windy conditions. Perhaps it reminded him of Bonnie Scotland, just 40 degrees warmer! Third and fourth places were decided on countback with 2 players having 34 points each. Andre Van Dyk took third place with 19 points on the back beating Kjeld Jorgensen into fourth who had 18 on the back.

In B Flight, the winner was Steen Habersaat with 44 points by far and away the best score of the day, with no one else making 40 points. He must have timed his shots to perfection, hitting when the wind was to his advantage. There was even an impressive 4 point birdie 3 on his card, so very well done Steen. In second place was Gordon Clegg with an impressive 39 points, just missing out on a coveted 40 pointer. Third and fourth places were decided on countback with 3 players being in contention with 35 points. Top of this bunch and taking 3rd place was Ronnie Ratte with an impressive 21 points on the back. In fourth place was Kaj Aabling with 19 points on the back. Missing out with only 17 points on the back was Jan Lovgreen.

Back at the Café Kronborg was Richard Kubicki’s Birthday Danish Feast, and what a feast it was with some of the best food in Pattaya. Many thanks to Kran and Bjarne for putting on a spread worthy of Danish Royalty. Can’t wait for the next one, although the next day was a write off due to a slight excess of Danish and Mexican Liquor.

R & CK

A Flight (0-21)

1st Carole Kubicki (21)                     36 points

2nd Rob Brown (6)                            35 points

3rd Andre Van Dyk (14)                   34 points (Countback 19)

4th Kjeld Jorgensen (18)                 34 points (Countback 18)


B Flight (22 & Above)

1st Steen Habersaat (27)                44 points

2nd Gordon Clegg (27)                     39 points

3rd Ronnie Ratte (22)                       35 points (Countback 21)

4th Kaj Aabling (25)                           35 points (Countback 19, beating Jan Lovgreen, 17 points)


Near Pins

  1. Steen Habersaat
  2. Ronnie Ratte
  3. John Bachman
  4. Carole Kubicki / Gordon Clegg

Long Putts

  1. Kurt Sandgaard
  2. Andre Van Dyk

















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