Café Kronborg 2/1

2nd January 2020

Eastern Star


Jan lovgreen on the left with Rob Brown


Eastern delights for the few!!!


Café Kronborg golfers today went to Eastern Star, a course we have not visited for many a year.

Due to the New year festivities and family travel arrangements we were a small band of brothers with our two sisters but that did not detract from our enjoyment of this well presented golf course. Before leaving we again referred to the words of General MacArthur!

Due to the adaptability of modern technology we were able to invite our retired organiser Dave Richardson – who now resides in the USA – to join in our winners presentation photograph. Well done Dave – we miss you !

With only one Flight today our winners were –

1st Jan Lovgreen (26) 37 points

2nd Rob Brown (8) 36 points

3rd Tiziano Dal Pastro (25) 34 points

4th Peter Hammond (31) 34 points

5th Henning Olsen (20) 34 points



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