Cafe Kronborg 19/01



Cafe Kronborg played at Bangpakong Thursday 19th January, where once again the daunting journey to the course flew by and after some discussion on our bus we concluded that it was 1 hour 5 minutes door to door. We could only hope that the roadworks which delayed our return to Pattaya last time were finished.

Arriving at Bangpakong it was soon evident that the course was in pristine condition with greens running at their normal fast pace. This I would have normally relished, but the dreaded flu bug had me dropping out after 10 holes with zero energy. The rest of the field made the most of it, although early on the scores were not as high as expected. This soon changed when the latter groups came in, with you needing 36 points to even have a sniff at a 4th placing.

Back in the clubhouse my wife Carole was delegated to do the presentation, as by now my voice had gone completely, and she did a fine job despite some overexcited golfers who started talking mid presentation.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 21 and the B flight 22 and above.

The A Flight winner was Takeshi Hakozaki with another great score of 39 points, I guess a handicap reduction must be just around the corner for him. Second and third place was decided on countback with two players having 37 points. Peter Bygballe came second with 19 points on the back and Michele Sancillo came third with 18 points. Fourth place was again decided on countback, with two players having 36 points, Kenneth Madsen winning with 12 points on the last 6, beating Henning Olsen who had 10 points.

B Flight was straightforward this time with no countbacks. Jan Lovgreen had another great score, the best of the day with a stunning 44 points, including an incredible 25 points on the back 9. I’m sure the handicap secretary will be reviewing his scores this weekend. Graham Buckingham was sitting pretty in the Clubhouse with an excellent 42 points, but had to settle for 2nd place after Jan put his card in. Kurt Sandgaard was third with 37 points and Torben Sorensen was 4th with 36 points.

The journey back was thankfully event free, but the Pattaya traffic took the journey time to 1 hour 15 minutes door to door.

R & CK


A Flight (0-21)

1st Takeshi Hakozaki (14)               39 points

2nd Peter Bygballe (19)                   37 points (Countback 19 points)

3rd Michele Sancillo (8)                   37 points (Countback 18 points)

4th Kenneth Madsen (16)              36 points (Countback 12 points on last 6, Henning Olsen 10 points)


B Flight (22 & Above)

1st Jan Lovgreen (24)                       44 points

2nd Graham Buckingham (27)      42 points

3rd Kurt Sandgaard (36)                  37 points

4th Torben Sorensen (26)              36 points


Near Pins

No.4      Henning Olsen

No.7      Fred Tam

No.13    Michele Sancillo

No.16    Brian Gabe

Long Putts

No.9      Svend Gaarde

No.18    Brad Robbins

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