Cafe Kronborg 18/12



Cafe Kronborg played at Pattavia on Monday 18th December, where the course was in good shape, the greens were fast as usual and a cold northerly wind was blowing hard for most of the round. It’s not often you feel cold in Thailand, but most of the group certainly felt cold today. Good scores were not expected, yet the winners managed pretty good scores considering the conditions.

We left on time and our journey was quick, just on one hour. This was even though the mini bus drivers didn’t utilise the newly refurbished motorway at km101 which links the 7 to the 331 and cuts out all the traffic lights. I guess the queues at the lights were less as a lot of traffic is now using the improved road.

Back in the clubhouse cards showed a split in the group, half impressively scoring in the 30’s and half unsurprisingly not! This meant you had to be in the 30’s to stand any chance of being in the prizes.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 19 and the B flight 20 and above.

The A Flight winner was Ulf Larsson continuing his winning streak with a solid 37 points. Second was Akitoshi Ito with 34 points, impressive considering his 8 handicap and the difficult conditions, he had 4 birdies and an additional moral birdie with his second ball off one tee. Third was Mike Johns with 33 points. Fourth place was decided on countback, Brian Gabe winning with 32 points and 14 points on the last 6 holes, beating Mashi Kaneta who made 10 points on the last 6.

In B Flight Gordon Clegg had the score of the day with an amazing 40 points, this with an already significantly reduced handicap from a few weeks ago. I know he has worked hard at the range and his recent winning form validates this effort. Eventually everyone hits the wall, but no signs yet for Gordon. Torben Sorensen was second with a respectable 33 points and Svend Gaarde was third with 31 points. Fourth place was decided on countback, “The Admiral” Dave Richardson winning with 30 points and 7 of them on the last 3 holes, Karl Better losing out with only 5 points on the last 3 holes. We reckon it was the fact that “The Admiral” is currently relieved of some of his duties as organiser which sparked his improved performance. Many thanks to him from all the group for running things over the low season.

R & CK


A Flight (0-19)

1st Ulf Larsson (15)                           37 points

2nd Akitoshi Ito (8)                            34 points

3rd Mike Johns (13)                          33 points

4th Brian Gabe (18)                           32 points (Countback 14 points last 6, beating Mashi Kaneta’s 10 points)


B Flight (20 & Above)

1st Gordon Clegg (25)                      40 points

2nd Torben Sorensen (24)             33 points

3rd Svend Gaarde (28)                    31 points

4th Dave Richardson (30)               30 points (Countback 7 points on last 3, beating Karl Beter’s 5 points)

Near Pins

  1. Daryl Evans
  2. Brian Gabe
  3. Rob Brown
  4. No One

Long Putts

  1. Kenneth Madsen
  2. Torben Sorensen


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