Cafe Kronborg 18/2



Cafe Kronborg played Pattavia on Monday 18th February, where the course was in good condition with receptive greens and fringes that were not watered to within an inch of their life, making it a pleasant change to be able to bump and run onto the greens. The pace of the greens was not too fast, about right for Pattavia, although they are always tricky and attention to grain and slope is necessary.

Back in the clubhouse the scores were pretty good with more than half the field managing 30 points or better. With reduced numbers of players there were only 3 places on the podium for each flight. Two people managed to beat their handicap to win their respective flights and B flight had a real tussle with 3 players on 35 points fighting for second and third places.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 23 and the B flight 24 and above.

The A Flight winner was Ty Anderson with a sterling 37 points, Ty being a very steady player and no stranger to the top spot. Ty once again pipped Richard Kubicki who came second with 36 points. Ty making this a bit of a habit, maybe they just like the same courses. Richard should have done better starting with 5 pars and ending with 4 pars, but unfortunately the middle left a bit to be desired. Third place was decided on a close countback with 2 players having 31 points. Peter Bygballe took third place with 15 points on the back and 10 points on the last 6 holes and Rob Brown narrowly lost out, with 9 points on the last 6 holes. Peter winning his second countback in a row.

In B Flight the winner was the in form Jan Lovgreen with the score of the day 38 points, Jan’s third victory in a row. At the moment it seems all Jan needs to do is turn up and he wins, Jan not playing last Thursday. Second and Third place were hotly contested with 3 players on 35 points vying for the 2 spots. The countbacks were straightforward though, coming in a strong second was Birgit Jorgensen with an impressive 20 points on the back. Third was Peter Hammond with a solid countback of 18 points, Peter’s score could have been so much better had a few more putts dropped for him. Gordon Clegg who had a magnificent 22 points on the front lost out with a disappointing 13 points on the back.

A fun day was had by all and plenty of drinking water was the order of the day as the sun was relentless, only hiding behind a small cloud for a brief moment.

R & CK


A Flight (0-23)

1st Ty Anderson (13)                        37 points

2nd Richard Kubicki (10)                  36 points

3rd Peter Bygballe (18)                    31 points (Countback 15 points, 10 points on the last 6 holes, Rob Brown losing out with 9 points on the last 6)


B Flight (24 & Above)

1st Jan Lovgreen (25)                       38 points

2nd Birgit Jorgensen (32)                 35 points (Countback 20 points)

3rd Peter Hammond (31)                35 points (Countback 18 points, Gordon Clegg losing out with a countback of 13)


Near Pins

No.4      Arne Max Pedersen

No.7      No-one

No.13    Tiziano Dal Pastro

No.17    Henning Olsen

Long Putts

No.9      Dave Richardson

No.18    Richard Kubicki

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