Cafe Kronborg 17/11

 Pattaya cc was the game today just a short ride.swift checking and off the first tee

30 minutes early with cooler conditions and a nice breeze today.the course was a bit scratchy,they seem to

Think sand will help the grass grow on the fairways but the greens putted ok.

Back in the clubhouse welcomes went out to Denis Sabourin from Canada ,Kurt Sandgaard

Back from Denmark and Graeme Lomas from oz.two flights today with the cut at handicap 20 and four technicles.

Denis Sabourin won the a flight with a fine 40 points,Mark West second with 38 points,Ronnie Ratte third with 35 points and Graeme Lomas fourt with 34 points.

 Kenny Chung again won the b flight with 36 points,Kai Aabling second on a countback from ole

Mortenden third both 35 points and Elias Magnusson fourth with 31 points.

A flight 0-20

1st Denis Sabourin                                   (11)                          40 Points

2nd Mark West                                          (17)                          38 Points

3rd Ronnie Ratte                                      (20)                          35 Points

4th Graeme Lomas                                   (12)                          34 Points

B Flight 21 And Above

1st Kenny Chung                                      (24)                          36 Points

2nd Kai Aabling                                        (22)                           35 Points

3rd Ole Mortensen                                 (21)                          35 Points

4th Elias Magnusson                             (22)                          31 Points

Near Pins

5&12 Kai Aabling

Long putts

9 Henry Wong

18 Graeme Lomas

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