Cafe Kronborg 17/12


Monday 17th December 2018

Treasure Hill  – YellowTees


Treasure for some!


Cafe Kronborg golfers played this top class golf course from the forward yellow tees which meant the first tree on the left of the first fairway did not come into play and getting your tee shot on the second green was not so difficult – whoopee for those with a two shot hole!

With the course playing at approximately 6000 yards you would think the scores would be good but only three players just played to their handicap( no course handicaps for the Kronborg golfers!)

We welcomed Bob Edwards who thanked us by winning the ‘A’ Flight and thanked his playing partner for the beers he won from him.

It was ladies first in the ‘B’ Flight with Elias Magnusson and his 36 points ( 16 on the back 9 ) politely standing aside for Karen Brown who also had 36 points but 18 on the back 9.

We also welcomed Jan Urricson and said goodbye to Svend Gaarde – returning home to his wife.

‘A’ Flight 0-21

1st Bob Edwards(10) 36 points

2nd Ito Akitoshi(10) 34 points

3rd Ronnie Rattle(21) 33 points

‘B’ Flight 22 and above

1st Karen Brown(31) 36 points

2nd Elias Magnusson (25) 36 points

3rd Peter Hammond (29) 32 points

Near pins

6th Peter Bygballe

17th Rob Brown

Longest first putts

9th Ito Akitoshi

18th Dave Richardson


Karen Brown on the left Dave Richardson in the middle and Bob Edwards on the right

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