Cafe Kronborg 17/1

Jan Lovegreen on the left Dave Richardson in the middle and Akitoshi Ito on the right

Navy- North and West

17th January 2019

Yellow Tees



Cafe Kronborg golfers visited this fine golf course today and played our favourite North and West nines. Once again nothing to write about the condition of the course that has not been said before – first-class!

By arranging a Japanese incursion we were able to bring a halt – albeit only temporary – to our prolific A Flight winner Rob Brown!

Akitoshi Ito, with a great score of 38 points won the A Flight by three shots from Rob Brown who dispute rumours was not crying!

Our B Flight was taken out by our double winner Jan Lovegreen who may soon find the dirty tricks brigade move their allegiance from Rob Brown.Watch out Jan for the return of the Italian and the bee!!

A Flight 0-21

1st Akitoshi Ito(10) 38 points

2nd Rob Brown (7) 35 points

3rd Henning Olsen(21) 34 points

B Flight 22 and above

1st Jan Lovegreen (23) 30 points

2nd Peter Hammond(30) 28 points(15 on back nine)

3rd Allan Prang(24) 28 points(14 on back nine)

Nearest pins

North 6 Allan Prang

West 8 Kenneth Marsden

Longest first putts

North 9 Rob Brown

West 9 Akitoshi Ito



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