Cafe Kronborg 16/06

Burapha was the game 30 minutes up route 7.swift checkin(they dontUse a computer)

and off a 1 50 minutes early with a threat of rain all day.the course was

In fine shape getting ready for the Singha pattaya open next month.

Back in the clubhouse it was welcomes for Oddur Olafsson from

Iceland and Joe Vanderwegon from Belgium and a goodby to Brian Gabe back to Detroit

Next week with a stop in Japan on the way.

Brian Gabe was the winner with a fine 38 points ,the ever colorful

Walter baechli second with 34 points,Daryl Evans third with 32 points and Oddur Olafsson

Fourth on countbacks from graham Buckingham and Joe Vanderwegon all with 30 points.

1st Brian Gabe                               (17)                                  38 points

2nd Walter Baechli                     (14)                                   34 points

3rd Daryl Evans                           (22)                                    32 points

4th Oddur Olafsson                  (15)                                    30 points



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