Cafe Kronborg 14/3

Karen Brown on the left, Henning Olsen on the right, with Dave ‘The Admiral’ Richardson in the centre.



Cafe Kronborg played Treasure Hill Thursday 14th March, where the course was not at its’ very best, the greens having been aerated so the occasional putt wandered off line. Having said that the course was still eminently playable. The yellow tees were chosen for all and this time they were in their forward positions, giving opportunities for the bigger hitters to take advantage.

Back in the clubhouse the scores were slightly better than normal, A flight fairing better than B flight, where in B flight no one beat their handicap, although several were close.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 23 and the B flight 24 and above.

The A Flight winner was Henning Olsen, with the score of the day, a superb 39 points. Henning continuing his rise to form winning for the second time in the last three outings. Henning managed an outstanding 22 points on the back 9, or should I say the back 8 as unfortunately the last hole bore no points. Arne Max Pedersen was second with a rock solid 36 points. Arne continuing to score well, but unable to build on a super 22 points on the front. Ronnie Ratte took third place with 35 points, Ronnie also not managing to progress his 19 point front nine.

In B Flight the winner was Karen Brown with another good performance and 35 points, the score being particularly impressive as the ladies tees were not that far away from the yellow tees. There was a countback for second and third places with two players having 34 points. Kurt Sandgaard claimed second place with 18 points on the back, a good score and a good day for Kurt. Third place was taken by another of our ladies, Carole Kubicki with 17 points on the back.

The group is thinning out a bit after today, as a number of people are returning home. Best wishes to all of them and we look forward to seeing them next time.

R & CK


A Flight (0-23)

1st Henning Olsen (22)                    39 points

2nd Arne Max Pedersen (23)         36 points

3rd Ronnie Ratte (21)                       35 points


B Flight (24 & Above)

1st Karen Brown (31)                       35 points

2nd Kurt Sandgaard (33)                 34 points (Countback 18 points)

3rd Carole Kubicki (24)                    34 points (Countback 17 points)


Near Pins

No.2      Arne Max Pedersen

No.6      Kjeld Jorgensen

No.13    Steen Habersaat

No. 17   Rob Brown



Long Putts

No.9      Jan Lovgreen

No.18    Steen Habersaat

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