Café Kronborg 13/2

13th February 2020





Café Kronborg golfers today returned to one of our favourite courses albeit a graveyard for putters – if the second green does not get you then the third certainly will and the fourth is no piece of cake!

Rob Brown returned from his sojourn in Malaysia and picked up his winning ways by scoring 37 points. Jan Lovgreen – who many in the ‘B’ Flight would like to introduce to sojourns to halt his winning ways – won the ‘B’ Flight by seven shots – which is probably the amount of shots other members of the ‘B’ Flight would like to give him to propel him into the ‘A’ Flight. Who knows his new handicap may just be enough to get him over the line!


‘A’ Flight ( 0-23)

1st Rob Brown (7) 37 points

2nd Ronnie Ratte (23) 36 points

3rd Kjeld Jorgensen (19) 34 points

‘B’ Flight (24+)

1st Jan Lovgreen (25) 42 points

2nd Peter Hammond (32) 35 points

3rd Kurt Sandgaard (33) 35 points


Nearest the pins

4th Carole Kubicki

7th Peter Hammond

13th Ronnie Ratte

17th Lotte Boskov

Longest first putt

9th Ronnie Ratte

18th Kaj Aabling




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