Cafe Kronborg 12/11

Peter Bygballe and Kurt Sandgaard with Dave Richardson

Plutaluang E&S Stableford        Nov 12

Plutaluang East and South loops were the game both in very good condition.

Two flights today with the cut at h/c 20 and the full lot of pins.

Back in the clubhouse it was welcomes to Karen and Rob Brown from Scotland and Kurt Sandgaard from Denmark with a goodby to Robert Estensen back to San Antonio tx.

Peter Bygballe continued his winning ways taking the a flight with a fine 38 points,

Ty Anderson second with 37 points and Dave Addison third wit 35 points.

just arrived Kurt Sandgaard took the b flight with 33 points,Gordon Clegg

second with 31 points and Steen Habersaat third with 30 points.


A Flight 0-20


1st Peter Bygballe                          (20)                    38 Points


2nd Ty Anderson                            (10)                     37 Points


3rd Dave Addison                          (17)                      35 Points


B Flight 20 And Above


1st Kurt Sandgaard                   (32)                        33 Pionts


2nd Gordon Clegg                     (25)                         31 Points


3rd Steen Habersaat                 (25)                          30 Points


Near Pins


E 2 Rob Brown


E 5 Steen Habersaat


S 4 Dave Addison


S 7 Jan Lovgreen


Long Putts


9 Kenneth Madsen


18 Jan Lovgreen



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