Café Kronborg 11/2



Café Kronborg golfers today went to Greenwood and played the C and A nines. This course is in excellent condition in spite of the lack of rainfall ànd we will return soon.

Apart from some excellent scores there is not much to report today except that three members of my four-ball accidentally hit the wrong golf balls – yes I was one of them! The fourth member of our group – and the oldest at nearly 80- showed us that you should play your own ball and that dementia can strike people in their sixties and seventies!

The members of the ‘A ‘ Flight certainly played their own balls – and played them well – and Denis Sabourin with his 11 handicap blitzed the course with his 42 points and second and third places were only two points behind and had to be separated by a last six countback.

The first and second places were taken  by our guests Denis Sabourin and Mark West who we hope will be regular visitors to give some more oomph to our ‘A’ Flight! We also welcomed Mashi’s

guest Mikito Homma.

Our winners today were –

‘A’ Flight (0-19)

1st Denis Sabourin (11) 42 points

2nd Mark West (16) 40 points

3rd Kjeld Jorgensen (19) 40 points

‘B’ Flight ( 20+)

1st Ronnie Ratte ( 23) 36 points

2nd Peter Hammond (32) 33 points

3rd Jan Lovgreen (25) 33 points

Nearest the pin

13th Mashi Kaneta

Longest first put

9th Carl Hermansen

18th Denis Sabourin

and we

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