Cafe Kronborg 10/12

Up the 331 1 hour to Greenwood.swift checkin and off c 1 10 minutes early under sunny skies with a nice

Breeze all day. The course was in good condition but the c course had been overwaterd wetter than the wet season.

back in the clubhouse welcomes went out to Carole and Richard Kubicki from the Uk and Cyprus Peter Hammond from the Uk also  Susan and Svend Gaarde and Dan Madsen from Denmark

 Tony Leece from Oz  Mike Brandsma from Canada

 Eddie Glinsek from the USA two flights today with the cut at handicap 22 and a full bag of pins.

 Ronnie Ratte took the a flight with a fine 37 points,Henry Wong second with 35 points,Richard Kubicki

Third with 34 points  and Henning Olsen fourth on a countback from Peter Bygeballe both 32 points

 Kurt Sandgaard won the b flight with 35 points,Peter Hammond second with 34 points,Steen Habersaat

Third with 33 points and Torben Sorensen fourth on a countback from Elias Magnusson both  31 points.

A flight 0-22

1st Ronnie Ratte                                                     (19)                                         37 Points

2nd Henry Wong                                                     (22)                                         35 Points

3rd Richard Kubicki                                                (12)                                         34 Points

4th Henning Olsen                                                  (16)                                         32 Points

B Flight 23 And Up

1st Kurt Sandgaard                                                (36)                                         35 points

2nd Peter Hammond                                              (25)                                          34 Points

3rd Steen Habersaat                                               (24)                                          33 Points

4th Torben Sorensen                                             (26)                                           31 Points

Near pins

A 2 and a 6   Ronnie Ratte

C 3 No One Good Enough

C 6 Henning Olsen

Long Putts

A 9 Carole Kubicki

C 9 Steen Habersaat

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