Cafe Kronborg 06/06

Plutaluang N&W

Plutaluang was the game today 45 minutes down Sukhumvit.Easy check in and off n 1 30 minutes early under sunny skies and a nice breeze. The Course was in fine shape even though some rain was had the night before.

Back in the clubhouse the winner was Ronnie Ratte with 37 points, Second was Kenny Chung with 35 points, Daryl Evans third with 33 points and Henry Wong fourth with 32 points.

1st Ronnie Ratte                               (19)                                   37 points

2nd Kenny Chung                             (24)                                   35 points

3rd Daryl Evans                                 (22)                                  33 points

4th Henry Wong                                (17)                                  32 points



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