Cafe Kronborg 04/05

Crystal Bay B&C 4 May Stableford


First of all i want to thank the Kubicki s and Peter Hammond who took care of the golf


during the high season and while i was in the we were at crystal bay,the finest its ever been.even though


our tee time was 1048 we got off a lot earlier with a free run all the way except we had to stop with 2 holes left for


a Brief Rainshower.


Small group today back in the clubhouse Tony Leece was welcomed back from Sydney in oz.


the scores were not good with mark west coming in first with 34 points and Tony Leece a long way back


with 25 points.


1st Mark West                                         (14)                              34 points


2nd Tony Leece                                        (19)                              25 points



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