Cafe Kronborg 02/11

It was off for a pleasant day at pleasant valley up rout 7 for 40 minutes.

Swift checkin and off the first tee 30 minutes early under partly cloudy skies with hot conditions

All day.the course was in good condition with some work being done on the greens.two flights today with the cut at handicap 19.

Arne Max Pedersen won the a flight with 36 points,Brian Gabe second with 31 points

And Dave Addison third with 29 points/

Elias Magnusson won the b flight with 37 points,Daryl Evans second on a count back

From Steen Habersaat third both 36 points.

A flight 0-19

1st Arne Max Pedersen                                              (17)                                36 Points

2nd Brian Gabe                                                               (16)                                31 Points

3rd Dave Addison                                                         (15)                                 29 Points

B Flight 20 And Up

1st Elias Magnusson                                                 (23)                                    37 Points

2nd Daryl Evans                                                          (22)                                    36 Points

3rd Steen Habersaat                                                 (23)                                     36 points


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