Cafe Kronborg 12/05

                                   We were off to Pleasant Valley 40 minutes up route 7 in

Light traffic. We got off the first tee 30 minutes early with sunny and hot conditions

Turning to a 40 minute storm by the 9th clearing then hotter for the back nine. The course

was in good shape until the rain and then a bit soggy after.


                                  Kenny Chung was the only player who was not hampered by the

Wet conditions winning with 38 points, Henry Wong second on a countback from

Ronnie Ratte third both 32 points and Dave Richardson a distant fourth with

27 Points.

1st Kenny Chung                            (25)                         38 Points

2nd Henry Wong                            (16)                         32 Points

3rd Ronnie Ratte                           (19)                         32 Points

4th Dave Richardson                  (28)                          27 Points

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