Cafe Kronborg 04/05

Greenwood was the game today up the 331 for a little over an hour

with delays at all the lights going through bow win. Easy checking and off a 1 15 minutes

early with sunny very hot conditions all day. the course was in fine condition one of the best


Back in the clubhouse goodbyes went out to Ian Smith and Fred Tam.

Ronnie Ratte was the winner with a fine 38 points, Kenny Chung second

With 37 points, Tony Lecce third with 34 points and Ian Smith fourth with 33 points

1st Ronnie Ratte                 (20)                                 38 points

2nd Kenny Chung               (26)                                  37 points

3rd Tony Lecce                     (16)                                 34  points

4th Ian Smith                        (9)                                   33 points



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