Cafe Kronborg 02/06

Khao Kheow was the game today up route 7 with no traffic for

40 minutes. easy checking and off c 1 30 minutes early with overcast skies and a 40 minute

Rain break at the turn. The course was in fine condition but the greens were very slow.

Back in the clubhouse it was welcomes and goodbyes to Mike Feldman

And Basil Lipman from oz.

Brian Gabe was the winner with a measly 32 points, Daryl Evans

Second with 28 points and Ronnie Ratte third with 27 points.

1st Brian Gabe                  (18)                                          32 Points

2nd Daryl Evans              (22)                                          28 Points

3rd Ronnie Ratte            (19)                                          27 Points


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