Bunkey Boys 3/8

Monday, July 30th

Crystal Bay C and B.

1st Robbie Watts (9) 35 Points

2nd Tony Robbins (24) 34 Points

3rd Peter Allen (29) 34 Points

Near Pins Takeshi Hakozaki, Geoff Parker, Robbie Watts X 2.

The last game of July was played at the Crystal Bay Club under sunny skies in moderate temperatures and with a stiff breeze blowing, An average group of eleven enjoyed a course that is one of the easier courses we play so scoring is usually on the high side. For some reason, this was not the case today as scoring was modest at best and most struggled to break thirty points. Despite not playing to his best Robbie Watts took first place with thirty-five points. Second, went to Tony Robbins who’s game continues to improve after his long lay off, no doubt his generous handicap helps and he recorded a score of thirty-four beating Peter Allen into third on countback. Near pins went to Takeshi Hakozaki, Geoff Parker, and two to Robbie Watts. Shot of the day went to Peter Allen who registered a five-pointer on the C eight hole. He hit a three wood for his third shot from one hundred and fifty to two hundred yards out depending on who you ask, the ball ran along the ground for most of its journey up the slope in front of the green and into the hole you had to be there to appreciate the skill !!!!.

In recent months the race for “Golfer of the Month” has been a close run thing going down to the wire and being decided on the last day, this month was different with Jimmy Carr leading from the front for most of the month and deservedly taking the honors.

Wednesday, August 1st

Royal Lakeside.

1st Michael Brett (15) 38 points

2nd Robbie Watts (9) 35 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (15) 34 points

Near pins Geoff Parker, Takeshi Hakozaki, and Michael Brett X 2.

A brand new month of golf began with a rare visit to the beautiful Royal Lakeside Course where thirteen Bunker Boys, a good low season number presented for play. As we drove up highway seven rain was falling and the skies ahead didn’t leave much room for optimism about a pleasant days play. However, as we neared the course the rain stopped, skies brightened and we had yet another day without rain. As our lead group was late arriving at the course we missed our tee time and were put out behind a local six ball which looked ominous for any sort of decent speed of play. After four holes the six ball moved off to a different part of the course and there were no further delays. The course was in magnificent condition with lush fairways and greens that were a joy on which to put. As is often the case at this course there was a strong wind blowing which added to the challenge of the course and kept scoring to a modest level.

Jimmy Carr continued on the good form that won him golfer of the month last month to take third place on thirty-four points. Robbie Watts put in a solid performance to take second on thirty-five points. The winner on the day was Michael Brett who despite two wipes and a one-pointer scored thirty-seven on the remaining fifteen holes to take first place with thirty-eight points. Near pins went Geoff Parker (as usual) Takeshi Hakozaki and two to Michael Brett

Friday, August 3rd

Khao Kheow B and C

1st Stuart Brown (9) 39 points

2nd Geoff Parker (14) 37 points

3rd Michael Brett (15) 37 points

Near pins. Peter Allen, Takeshi Hakozaki, Raleigh Gosney, Neil Carter,

A very good low season number of fourteen golfers turned up for the last game of the week at Khao Kheow Country Club. Our low season numbers remain strong this year compared to previous seasons. The course in its usual fine condition but a very strong wind made play more difficult than normal and even though many of the tees had been moved forward it had little overall effect. The round was completed in less than three and a half hours which was excellent and most were back in Pattaya by four pm. The winner was Stuart Brown who despite a little hiccup managed to post an excellent score of thirty-nine points. Geoff Parker came with a late rush with two birdies and a parr in the last three holes to take second place on countback from Michael Brett, both with thirty-seven points. Near pins went to Peter Allen, Takeshi Hakozaki, Raleigh Gosney, and Neil Carter.

July Golfer of the Month Jimmy Carr



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