Bunker Boys Golf 8/2

Monday, February 8th


1st Barry Murnin (20) 41 points

2nd Paul Smith (4) 39 points

3rd Geoff Parker (18) 37 points

Near pins Les Cobban, & Paul Smith X 2.

An unlucky number (thirteen) for today’s game at Bangpra where on arrival we found a very quiet course. Later in the day, it started to fill up but by that time we were finished so no slow play problems. We have now gotten so used to quick games this high season so that if ever we get back to a proper high season we will certainly not enjoy slow play that goes with big crowds.

The practice green was lightning fast and we expected the course to be the same but unfortunately not the case, the greens were unusually slow by Bangpra standards. No wind on the front nine but it got up quite a bit on the back nine. Overall the course was in decent condition, the monkeys were out in force again but much more passive than previous visits.

To coincide with Superbowl Day Barry Murnin decided it was America’s day and put together a very fine round of forty-one points to take first place. One of his compatriots in the group Mark On declared on the first tee that it was going to be his day, alas he was nowhere to be seen, that’s the problem with making bold predictions, as often as not they bite you in the ass. Paul Smith might have thought his thirty-nine was enough to take first but not so, only good enough for second. The days of Geoff Parker playing off eighteen are coming to a close, after a long spell in the doldrums Geoff is now back close to his best and can forget about a shot on every hole, another good score of thirty-seven was enough to take third place and repeated good scores of late should see his handicap drop to a more respectable level. To be fair he did have plenty of good luck today but was good enough to make it count. Three near pins were taken with Les Cobban taking one and Paul Smith two. Back at the bar, Barry rang the bell, the first for the year, long may it continue, well done Barry.

Wednesday, February 10th

Parichat Rainbow

1st Geoff Parker (18) 36 points

2nd Tony Robbins (20) 36 points

3rd Mark On (11) 34 points

Near pins Geoff Parker, Barry Murnin, & Michael Brett.

Our regular monthly rainbow round was again played at Parichat. It seems like several of our members are tired of this format as we only had ten participants today. Rainbow adds an extra dimension to course management and strategy that some cope with better than others. Despite the course having been revised some time ago, there are still a couple of holes that are in the lap of the gods, in particular, the second par-five fifth with an elevated green that is almost impossible to hit and stay on with runoff in three directions, even off the forward tees it’s still a real challenge, the seventeenth green is also difficult.

Speed of play was excellent and we had one of the earliest finishes ever, some were back in Pattaya by three-thirty. Geoff Parker took first place on countback from Tony Robbins, both had thirty-six points. Mark On took third with thirty-four points. Three near pins were taken, although its stretching things a bit to call Geoff Parkers a near pin, his ball was as far from the hole as it could possibly be without being off the green, Barry Murnin and Michael Brett got the other two. Shot of the day went to Geoff Parker who on the short par four fifteenth put his second shot in the hole for a rare eagle from about fifty yards out. Naturally, he declined requests to repeat the shot to prove it wasn’t a fluke.

Friday,12th February

Greenwood C & A.

1st Tony Robbins (20) 40 points

2nd Steve Durey (24) 38 points

3rd Mark On (11) 38 points

Near pins Jimmy Carr & Michael Brett.

Once again we had a course to ourselves for most of the round, later some local groups showed up. It’s sad to see such a nice course underutilised to this extent. All the drinks stations were closed so instead a lady with a cart drove around with ice and cold drinks, even beer.

The weather was hot as expected and will only get hotter in the coming months, with very little breeze to cool things down.

Having missed out on a first-place on Wednesday in a countback Tony Robbins decided to do it all on his own today taking first place with forty points in a round that had eight to nine single put greens. Steve Durey had a golden day with thirty-eight points to take second place, Steve has been on an upward trend for the past few weeks and finally made it today. Imagine Mark On’s surprise when he found out his thirty-eight was only good enough for third place. Only two near pins were taken going to Jimmy Carr and Michael Brett.

On a lighter note, a recent study found that the average golfer walks about nine-hundred miles a year. Another study found that golfers on average drink twenty-two gallons of alcohol a year, which means, on average golfers get about forty-one miles to the gallon. Barry Murnin disputes these figures and suggests some golfers have a much higher alcohol consumption.

Barry Murnin 41 points at Bangpra

Tony Robbins 40 points at Greenwood

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