Bunker Boys 8/9

Monday, September 4, Pattavia,


1st James Carr(16)                                            72 net

2nd Les Hall(25)                                                74 oco

3rd Raleigh Gosney(17)                                    74

4th Allan Sullivan(15)                                        75

Near Pins: Les Hall, Neil Carter, Tore Elliasen.

A group of fifteen golfers, the biggest number for the low season turned up for today’s round at Pattavia. The course was empty on arrival, however, there was an issue with caddies so the start was delayed for about fifteen minutes. Our round was threatened with rain as black clouds were ever present on the horizon, luckily we were able to finish our round dry. A green+caddie fee of nine hundred and fifty baht which also included a voucher for either food or drink after the round was excellent value and appreciated by all. There were no hold-ups and the round was completed in a timely manner with good speed of play and caddies that kept up with their respective golfer. The course was in great order but the greens were slower than we have come to expect at Pattavia, one green in particular presented a real challenge. Geoff Parker nearly birdied that hole but ended up eventually with four putts for a double bogey.

Many failed to master the course but as ever a few were able to return good scores. Jimmy Carr continued his good run of form to take first place with some excellent putting. Les Hall is enjoying his new twenty-five handicap was second beating Raleigh Gosney on count back. Fourth place went to Alan Sullivan. with seventy-five.


Wednesday 6 September, Khao Kheow,(B&C)


1st Takeshi Hakozaki (12)                                35

2nd Roger Touhy (11)                                       31

3rd Neil Carter (12)                                           30

Near pins: Takeshi Hakozaki(2), James Carr.

Today’s round began under relatively clear blue skies with just a few white clouds to be seen. Despite this, the rumble of thunder could be heard in the distance, nevertheless, conditions remained the same for the front nine. By the tenth hole, a few dark menacing clouds appeared and the thunder grew louder and closer. Just a few short minutes later we were hit with a storm of biblical proportions, the wind howled, rain came at us horizontally and the lightening was scarily close so we abandoned play and took refuge in the shelter at the twelfth hole for about thirty minutes till the storm blew over. As the skies cleared again the humidity was extreme and the course sodden.It’s hard to say what effect the conditions played but the scores returned today but these were disappointing to say the least with a few in the low twenties recorded.

The conditions didn’t seem to any negative effect on our winner  Takeshi Hakozaki who returned a very creditable score and he also took two near pins. As we are now deep into monsoon season no doubt we can expect to be hit with similar conditions in the coming weeks, and those who rely on carts being allowed on fairways will be most affected.


Friday September 8,Eastern Star,


1st Geoff Parker (14)                                              37

2nd Roger Touhy (11)                                             33 oco

3rd Frank Quinlan (32)                                           33

Near Pins: Roger Touhy, Mike Brett, Gerry Cooney, Lee Butler.,

Eastern Star, the venue for today’s round is in the best shape it’s been for years, fairways are well grassed and the once shabby greens are thankfully now a thing of the past. Fourteen Bunker Boys rolled up for the round in hot humid conditions. Once again very few were able to master this course which has an abundance of water hazards and OB on several holes. It’s not clear whether the course or the weather had the biggest effect.
Geoff Parker returned to form with a fine round with Roger Touhy of the snazzy shorts taking second on count back from Frank Quinlan. It’s nice to see someone stepping up to maintain the dress standards now that Raleigh departs back to Japan for the time being and Roger is certainly setting a new benchmark with his colorful shorts, we wait to see who follows his lead.

Only one week to go to our Bangkok tour and there are still a few places available for anyone wishing to play some of the best courses in the capital at low season rates.

Takeshi Hakosaki winner on wednesday.

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