Bunker Boys 8/4

Pattaya Country Club

1st Geoff Parker (16) 34 points

2nd Terry Hamilton (19) 33 points

3rd Neil Griffin (24) 31 points

Near pins Kevin Labar & Neil Griffin

On our last visit to Pattaya Country Club, we noted what fine condition the course was in, imagine our surprise as we drove in to find the fairways covered with sand. Fortunately, it was only the first two fairways, the rest of the course was in good shape. Buddha Day pricing was in effect which didn’t please too many. There was nobody on the course as we teed off so the prospect of a speedy round looked in store. The weather was fine for most of the round and had we not been held up on the closing holes by one particularly slow group we would have finished dry. As it was thunder and lightning were all around and the rain started to tumble down so we took shelter in the drinks station on the sixteenth tee for about forty minutes. Scoring was not to the same standard as our last visit with most disappointing. Geoff Parker took first place with a modest thirty-four. Terry Hamilton who gave an amazing display of putting took second with thirty-three, tee to green he was not quite so hot. Third place went to Neil Griffin with thirty-one points. Only two near pins were claimed going to Neil Griffin and Kevin Labar.

Wednesday, April 10th

Greenwood B & C

1st Dave Stockman (8) 36 points

2nd Ross Schiffte (18) 35 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (18) 33 points

Near pins Les Cobban, Ross Schiffte, & Michael Brett

Today at Greenwood we were allocated the B and C nines and we found the course in the best condition ever, it was a credit to the management and ground staff. Fairways were freshly mown, bunkers were immaculately raked and greens ran true without being too fast. As we appeared to be the only ones on the course we got our round completed in a timely manner without anyone to hold us up and we managed to avoid the usual monsoon season afternoon storm which hit about fifteen minutes after we got in the clubhouse. Most courses are now seeing the benefit of recent rain so golfing conditions are at their best. Today we had two more departures with Ken Hopkins returning to the UK and Tony Robbins going on an extended holiday.

Today we were pleased to welcome  Dave Stockman to our ranks and he duly did a smash and grab taking first place with a round of thirty-six. Ross Schiffte took second place one adrift with Jimmy Carr in third place on thirty-three points. Three of the four near pins were won with one each to Ross Schiffte, Les Cobban, and Michael Brett.

Friday, April 12th

Khao Kheow A & B

1st Ross Schiffte (18) 35 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (18) 35 points

3r Dave Ashman (21) 32 points

Near pins Ross Schifte, Jimmy Carr, Dave Ashman, Steve Morrison.

We were allocated A and B nine on a day that was too hot for Neil Griffin to indulge in a beer, on the front nine at least, he did, however, make up for it on the back nine. It was also a day when we used umbrellas to shade from the sun on the front nine and the rain on the back nine. Despite the sky being generally all blue one dark cloud appeared above us on the back nine and unloaded upon us requiring a twenty-minute stoppage in play. The course was busier than any we have been to lately and was in excellent condition. Apart from the rain, there were no other holdups in play.

Scores were mediocre at best with nobody excelling. All four players in our second group visited the water on the A 7 hole. Geoff Parker is rumored to have visited parts of the course never before seen. In a day of peculiar play, Neil Griffin in his last game, for now, used his driver on all the par threes regardless of length from tee to green. Dave Ashman won all three sixes in his group. Ross Schiffte claimed first place with a score of thirty-five points beating Jimmy Carr on countback, Dave Ashman took third with thirty-two points. In only his second game with us Australian Steve Morrison collected a near pin and enjoyed his time with the Bunker Boys, oue resident entertainment guru Jimmy may have had something to do with that. Ross Schiffte, Jimmy Carr and Dave Ashman took the other three near pins.

Ross Schiffte




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