Bunker Boys 5/8

Monday, August 5th


1st Daryl Vernon (25) 38 points

2nd Tony Robbins (21) 37 points

3rd Robby Watts (8) 34 points

Near pins Sam Gersholm, Jimmy Carr & Michael Brett

After several months away The Bunker Boys made a return visit to Bangpra where we found the it surprisingly busy for low season. The course was in nice condition, in particular, the greens were at their speedy best. Caddies who didn’t have a customer were out on the course weeding and cleaning up leaves so maintenance is being carried out very well. The weather was hot and overcast with a good breeze blowing.

A round of two halves for our winner today, Daryl Vernon has a massive twenty-five on the front nine which included a wipe, the back nine was a more modest thirteen so the question remains, which is the real Daryl?. Second place went to Tony Robbins who is now consistently returning good scores, Tony knocked in putts from everywhere except the last where he missed a tiddler which would have won him the game with the better back nine. Robby Watts came third after a mixed day with the putter, some excellent, some not so. Last week Robby was going to throw his putter away so maybe it’s not the putter after all. Back at Woody’s the real Daryl stood up and rang the bell, the first time we have heard, it, previously there had been many silent rings so we wondered if indeed there was a striker in the bell. Near pins to Sam Gersholm, Jimmy Carr and Michael Brett. It seems we have a few scientists in our ranks, last week Keith Hemmings managed to bounce his ball from one lilypad to another across the water at Treasure Hill and onto the fairway, today Jimmy Carr managed a similar feat on the seventeenth minus waterlilies, Barnes Wallis would have been impressed.

Wednesday, August 7th


1st Les Cobban (7) 71 Net

2nd Tony Robbins (21) 71 Net

3rd Robby Watts (8) 73 Net

Near pins Stuart Brown, Jimmy Carr, Tony Robbins,& Michael Brett

Our first medal round of the month was played at the Pattavia course where heavy overnight rain freshened up the course nicely. Underfoot was damp enough to prevent much run on the fairways but not enough to require pick, clean, and place. Also, balls pitched and stopped quickly on the greens with big divets common, nevertheless they were still a bit slick when putting. Just about all of the caddies were male and were excellent, many of them low handicap golfers themselves.

Today’s scoring was overall of a high standard, nothing like medal format to sharpen the focus. Les Cobban and Tony Robbins both finished on net seventy-one with Les having a superior back nine to take first place. Robby Watts also had an excellent round and put himself in several birdie positions only to have a mediocre day with the putter again, this putter is causing Robby grief as some of his puts were top shelf and others forgettable, perhaps it’s not the putter after all but the person using it.  Near pins went to Jimmy Carr, Stuart Brown, Tony Robbins and Michael Brett, Robby won all his sixes.

Friday, August 9th

Pattaya Country Club.

1st Tony Robbins (21) 35 points

2nd Michael Brett (15) 33 points

3rd Robby Watts (8) 32 points

Near pins Robby Watts, Jimmy Carr, Stuart Brown, & Michael Brett.

It seems we are in a windy weather pattern lately, every time we play the wind is up, sometimes quite strong as well as it was again today. To add even more difficulty today the blue tees were back at the black in many cases making the course extremely long. Under the circumstances, scoring was as good as could reasonably be expected.

A pleasant surprise today with the arrival of Raleigh Gosney for a five-week stint, we also had a rare visit by Kevin LeBar and the return of Geoff Parker after a month in Cambodia. Possibly a record quick round today completed in about three hours and fifteen minutes. Following four consecutive rounds of thirty-seven points and not winning any of them today Tony Robbins had his first win of the year with thirty-five points. Second place went to Michael Brett with thirty-three points, in a position to challenge for a win until a wipe on the seventeenth, in fact, five players went in the water on this hole also not scoring. Nobody had ever seen the tee so far back on this hole before. Third place went to Robby Watts foe the third time this week with thirty-two points. Near pins went to Jimmy Carr, as usual, Robby Watts, Stuart Brown, and Michael Brett, Jimmy’s on the sixteenth was a whisker from an ace.


Tony Robbins



Raleigh Gosney.

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