Bunker Boys 4/11

Monday, November 4th

Greenwood B & C

1st Gez Williams (16) Net 70

2nd Gordon Melia (22) Net 72

3rd Jimmy Carr (17) Net 74

Suddenly it seems like the high season is upon us with a big influx of visitors over the weekend and the golf course much busier than previous weeks. Today we were allocated the B & C nines at Greenwood, both in good condition, but the greens having recently been cored and sanded were not yet fully back to their best condition. The weather was mild with a nice breeze blowing so the field of fourteen had pleasant conditions for play. Despite being a bit crowded with another society also on the course the speed of play was fine.

Having signaled his intentions last week Gez Williams put together a very fine round with a net score of seventy to take first place. Fresh off the plane from the UK having played little or no golf recently (his story) Gordon Melia immediately struck form and took second place with a net seventy-two, whilst Jimmy Carr rounded out the scoring with seventy-four. Three of the near pins were  won by Tony Robbins, Gez Williams, and Stuart Tinkler. A trip to Kabin Buri has been confirmed for the nineteenth and twentieth of this month. Demand for places is already strong so anyone interested should act quickly to secure a place in what is a very attractive deal with a night stay at Serenity Hotel and Spa including breakfast and two rounds of golf (caddie fee not included) for two thousand two hundred baht.

Wednesday, November 6th

Royal Lakeside

1st Gez Williams (16) 38 points

2nd Greg Berry (12) 35 points

3rd Gordon Melia (22) 35 points

Near pins Keith Norman, Brendan Hartnett, & Gez Williams.

A surprisingly quick trip up and back for today’s round at Royal Lakeside, none of the usual traffic snarls on Chonburi Highway. As always the course was in very nice condition with the added bonus of only a very slight breeze today, being so close to the coast the wind is usually strong. Quite a slow round of close to four and a half hours was disappointing as the course was very busy compared to previous visits.

Some weeks ago we had a three in a row from Gerry Cooney, now its the turn of Gezz Williams who continues to play high-quality golf consistently, today he had a round of thirty-eight points. The first appearance in a long time for Greg Berry in the winner’s circle, today he beat Gordon Melia for second place on countback, both with thirty-five points. People are asking what Gordon has been up to in the English Summer as this is the best most consistent golf he has played for a few years. Near pins went to Gez Williams, Brendan Harnett, and Keith Norman with Greg Berry very unlucky to miss out on the remaining pin as his ball just rolled off the back of the longest par three.

Friday, November 8th

Treasure Hill

1st Keith Norman (13) 38 points

2nd Tony Scambler (17) 35 points

3rd Geoff Parker (17) 33 points

4th Gordon Melia (22) 33 points

Near pins Stuart Tinkler, Tony Robbins, & Gez Williams X 2.

Even with several locals absent numbers continue to climb, a group of fifteen made the trip up hwy 331 for the last game of the week at Treasure Hill.  As always the course was in very good condition, some claiming its the best they have ever seen this course.

It seems we may have seen the last of the monsoon rain as the last few games were played in bright sunny conditions.

It looked like Gez Williams was going to complete the treble with nineteen points on the first eight holes, however for some inexplicable reason that was it for him as he fell away completely thereafter.  Keith Norman stormed home with twenty-three points on the back nine to take first place with a thirty-eight point total. Making his first appearance at the Bunker Boys complete with a dodgy handicap of seventeen Tony Scambler took second with thirty-five points. Geoff Parker edged out Gordon Melia on countback for third on thirty-three points, has Gordon discovered the fountain of youth?. Near pins went to Tony Robbins, Stuart Tinkler, and two to Gez Williams.

Back at Woody’s, we were reminded of the drive of the day where Daryl Vernon hit a monster to outdo Gez Williams by some twenty yards, (look out Thomas Peters).

Wonderful news on the medical front where Steve Durey is making remarkable progress in his rehab and is already back on the driving less than three weeks post-op., watch out when he does return. Another to watch out for making a late appearance at the bar is Pat Ryan who cleaned up on his last visit and by all accounts is in good nick.

Gez Williams.

Keith Norman.



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