Bunker Boys 4/1

Monday, December 31st


1st Neil Jones (23) 36 points

2nd Keith Hemmings (22) 36 points

3rd Neil Griffin (24) 35 points

4th John Hughes (22) 35 points

5th Stuart Tinkler (14) 35 points

Near pins Neil Jones, Neil Carter, Alan Sullivan, & Michael Brett.

The last game of the year was played at the Pattavia course with a field of twenty-two golfers in attendance. Imagine our surprise when we went to check in to find our green fees had been hiked up by four hundred baht because it was a holiday. After some hasty negotiation by our fearless leader Neil the booked price was agreed to, Pattavia has a very good manager who always sees common sense prevail. The course was crowded so a very slow round was had and it seemed to affect the low handicap players more than the high as four out of five placings were from the latter group. This should once and for all kill the notion that we should have two flights. The wind blew strongly which may also have had an effect but it did cool things down a bit.

Neil Jones scored his maiden victory with thirty-six points beating the sartorially splendid Keith Hemmings on countback. With Roger Touhey still not with us, Keith is leading the way in the fashion stakes having recently been shopping in Tanniya Plaza. Neil Griffin put in a solid performance to take third on countback from John Hughes in fourth and Stuart Tinkler in fifth all on thirty-five points. The Neils (Jones and Carter) were again in the near pins with Alan Sullivan and Michael Brett taking the remaining two,  in fact, Neil Carter came within a whisker of a second ace for the month. Neil Jones rang the bell after the presentation. There was a rumor that John Hughes was also about to do the same but it turned out to be just fake news.

In a very hotly contested race for golfer of the month, Neil Carter, Keith Norman, Jimmy Carr, and Michael Brett all had a shot at winning, however, none improved their standing which left Jimmy and Michael in a tie on two hundred and thirteen points and had to be separated by going back to the seventh highest score which Jimmy shaded by a single point so he won his third golfer of the month for the year equaling Colin Greig also with three wins.

Throughout the year one hundred and sixty games were played with only one cancelation due to weather. Away trips were arranged to Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi, Soi Dao, and several to Kabin Buri. One hundred and forty-five players from fifteen different countries participated. Most games played again went to Jimmy Carr with one hundred and fifty-five, most games won went to Neil Carter with seventeen wins, Neil also won most near pins with fifty-six. Jimmy Carr and Colin Greig share the spoils with three golfer of the month awards each, Colin also took out the Memorial Champion trophy while Mark Stanley is the new club champion. Most improved player for the year was Peter Allen who dropped five strokes from his handicap.

Wednesday, January 2nd

Khao Kheow Country Club  A & B

1st Les Humphrey (27) 36 points

2nd Dave Ashman (19) 36 points

3rd Paul Lanzetta (9) 35 points

4th Peter Kelly (11) 35 points

5th Sandor Roth (33) 33 points

Near pins Paul Stanley, Michael Brett, and Mark Stanley X 2

Happy New Year to all Bunker Boys, be they here in Pattaya or elsewhere around the world. We wish you good health, happiness, prosperity, and continued enjoyment of golf albeit a frustrating game at times. The spirit of the season of goodwill continued on today with Mark Stanley, Les Humphrey, Dave Ashman, and Sandor Roth all contributing to the delinquent fund so three rounds of free drinks again. The first game of a new year was played at the universally popular Khao Kheow Country Club under sunny skies on a course always in top shape, the wind was strong again today and the pace of play was very slow. The greens were a delight to putt on, despite that Tony Robbins normally a dead eye dick on the greens three-putted four times. Today we said adieu to the burly one Neil Jones and welcomed back a pallid Colin Greig and Peter Kelly. It was also the first game under the new rules and many were used, not always to good effect. Colin Greig took relief from a footprint in a bunker and dropped within the bunker only to create a fried egg lie worse than the original position. Peter Kelly made his first appearance of the year hoping to improve on his forty-nine putts from his last outing. Once again three out of five in the winner’s circle were high handicap players so our one flight policy is working well. Top of the pile was Les Humphrey on thirty-six beating Dave Ashman on countback. Third and fourth place getters Paul Lanzetta and Peter Kelly were locked on thirty-five, with Sander Roth making his first appearance in the winner’s circle on thirty-three points. Mark Stanley took two near pins with Paul Lanzetta and Michael Brett taking one each. In one group on the island hole, three players found the water while two of the same group found the water with their second effort.

Friday, January 4th

Crystal Bay B & C

1st Phil Mashiter (7) Net 68

2nd Ken Elmore (20) Net 71

3rd Keith Norman (14) Net 72

4th Geoff Parker (15) Net 73

Near pins Peter Kelly, Tony Robbins, & Phil Mashiter X 2.

The last game of the week and our medal round for the month was played at the Crystal Bay course where one of the joys of the course is checking in where one staff member, in particular, seems to bring a smile to everyone’s face. The course for its part was in its worse condition seen for a long time. Dead or blown down trees remain in situ throughout the course. In general, it looked untidy and neglected and made worse by the irrigation system which seems to have failed in several areas. Sodden areas and casual water could be found on most fairways. We also had to contend with a slow five ball in front of our lead group so another low season slow round. The coup de gras came back in the clubhouse where we found cold showers and none of the toiletries ( talc, gel combs etc) normally found in the after shower area.  Our numbers were down by recent standards with only seventeen taking part.

Phil Mashiter was the star of the day with a net sixty-eight, a very fine score indeed off a seven handicap. Ken Elmore broke through for his first visit to the winner’s circle with a well-compiled seventy-one. Keith Norman took third a stroke back while Geoff Parker brought up the rear with seventy-three. It was demoralising to follow Phil around and see him close on the near pins, he managed to snag two with Tony Robbins and Peter Kelly taking the other two. The search for a new home begins in earnest now that the festive season is behind us. Any centrally located bar with a desire to host a friendly golf society to grow their business should make their intentions known to a committee member or at the M Club.

Winner at Crystal Bay Phil Mashiter



Golfer of the Month Jimmy Carr

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