Bunker Boys 31/07-04/08

 July 31, Bangpakon,(white tees),


1st Geoff Parker(14)                                 40 pts

2nd Frank Quinlan(32)                              35

3rd Robbie Watts(7)                                  34

Near pins: Les Cobban, Thomas Nyborg, Robbie Watts.

Today being the start of a new week and the end of the month saw the Bunker Boys make their way up highway 7 to the Bangpakong Riverside course. This is a course that is always in excellent condition and seems to be continually in a state of upgrade and improvement. Today threw up a bit of a surprise since we last played there. A new series of bunkers are being installed on the fifth fairway exactly where a good drive would be expected to land. It is hard to fathom why a set of bunkers would be placed in such a position, particularly as they cannot be seen from the tee. It certainly raises a question as to the fairness of this positioning, one might reasonably expect to have a fair lie after a good drive down the middle of the fairway.

The course was relatively deserted and the first group completed their round, showered and enjoyed an iced coffee on the balcony afterwards, while the the second group were still nowhere to be seen, who knows what the hold up was. Geoff Parker who struck a rich vein of form on Friday continued on his merry way today with an excellent score of forty points. Second place went to Frank Quinlan who showed the benefits of a recent medical intervention to recording a score of thirty-five points. One stroke back in third place was Robbie Watts on thirty-four also wrapping up the”Golfer of the Month” trophy. Near pins went to Les Cobban, Thomas Nyborg and Robbie Watts.


August 2, Pattavia,(white tees),


1st Les Burns(31)                                              37 pts

2nd Raleigh Gosney(16)                                   35 oco

3rd Frank Quinlan(32)                                       35

Near pins: Les Burns, Jimmy Carr, P.J. Redman.

The first golf day of a new month saw the Bunker Boys make their way to The Pattavia course where a green/caddie fee of nine-hundred and fifty baht which also included either two free Chang beers or free food proved to be excellent value. Conditions for golf were superb, the course was in excellent condition, the weather glorious and the course empty, what more could one wish for, as people have said many times “millionaire golf”.

Our reigning club champion and recently crowned golfer of the month Robbie Watts came crashing back to earth today with one of the lowest scores seen from him since joining the Bunker Boys. He was joined by Geoff Parker who recently was in sparkling form but failed to fire today. One of their playing partners Jimmy Carr decided solitude was the order of the day as he could be seen repeatedly on a different fairway to his partners. The shining light of the day was the laughing Les Burns who took first place with excellent thirty-seven points off a handicap of thirty-one, one feels a cut in handicap is in order. Second place went to Raleigh Gosney winning the countback and a revitalised Frank Quinlan again found himself in the winners circle taking third place.

While the golf game was in progress one of our members P.J. was conducting a social experiment back in Pattaya leaving his car keys dangling from the boot lock whilst away playing and when he returned  to his relief that both keys and car were as he left them, a tribute to the honesty of the good people of Pattaya, either that or nobody thought his car was worth pinching. Whilst many of our longstanding members are away for various reasons it’s good to see a few absentees returning recently. Whilst some societies are struggling for numbers the Bunker Boys are still enjoying good numbers each time we play. This is the time of year when golf is at its best with lower green fees, uncrowded courses, no queues, and special deals everywhere, long may it last.


 August 4,Mountain Shadow,(blue tees),


1st Jimmy Carr(16)                                                 33 ;ts

2nd Geoff Bracegirdle(15)                                      30

3rd Trevor Priestly (19)                                           29 coo

Near Pins :Geoff Parker, Geoff Bracegirdle, Mike Brett.

A question has been asked a  few times recently which on the face of it may appear frivolous but in reality has some substance. The question is “do we play golf for our own enjoyment or do we play for the benefit and convenience of caddies”?. There seems to be a growing reluctance amongst caddies old and young to walk on the golf course and they are not shy about showing their displeasure at having to walk. This was evident today with our last group, caddies were constantly at least fifty yards behind their respective player, deep in conversation and with no apparent interest in their game. Caddies constantly leave golf clubs a long way from tee boxes and always take short cuts where possible leaving their player with no option if he/she desires to change club, or needs another ball. The net effect is a slowing down of play and a distraction from their game to the player. This is an issue that should be addressed by clubs as a matter of urgency if only in the interests of speeding up play.

Today’s round was at Mountain Shadow, a course that most people like but find very challenging, and today the difficulties were reflected in the low scores returned.The winner on the day was Jimmy Carr with a low thirty-three points. Second place went to Geoff Bracegirdle and Trevor Priestley brought up the rear.. Only three near pins were won and in truth, they were not too near, one only just on the green. A stiff breeze blowing across the course added to the difficulty of the course and contributed to the low scores.

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