The Bunker Boys 10/07

Monday 10th July Khao Kheow B & A Stableford white tees

1st Geoff Cox    (15)        36 points
2nd Geoff Parker (14)      34
3rd Rab McDonald (18)    30
Near Pins
Gerry Cooney, Les Hall, Mashi Kaneta, Geoff Parker.

Only eleven players made their way to one of our more popular courses because of way the course is presented with well manicured fairways and nicely mowed greens that are true if a little on the slow side. The recent rains had made the course play to its full length as there was little run on the fairways. Geoff fCox played a beautiful controlled game of golf with few mistakes in playing to his handicap while Geoff Parker back in form managed to secure second place only two shots behind.
Wednesday 12th July Mountain Shadow Stableford Blue tees

1st Neil Carter    (14)      33 points
2nd Jimmy Carr  (14)      30
Near Pins
Neil Carter (2), Jimmy Carr.

Today was the Neil And Jimmy pony show with these two fine golfers bagging all the prizes as they wiped the floor at one of our regular venues. Of course it would be unfair to mention that there were only six competitors. The course was once again back to its former glory after the rains with good ground coverage and some water in the dams. The rough is now showing some teeth and ball off the fairways were more difficult to find.

Friday 14th July Greenwood Medal C & A white tees

1st Neil Carter    (14)          76 net
2nd Trevor Priestly (22)      76
3rd Les Hall        (23)          80
Near Pins
No Winners

There had been fairly heavy rains at Greenwood overnight resulting in soggy fairways and restrictions on the buggies not to leave the concrete pathways. This made the course play long and because there was only one buggy path along one side of the fairways, any shots played to the wrong side of fairway resulted in long walks for buggy users. My personal attempts to play to the pathway to save walking did not meet with great success and my playing partners were heard to comment that I had walked further using a buggy than they had using caddies only. Needless to say I gave up after nine holes. The balance of the field then were met with rainfall for the duration of the second nine with no roll on the ball so the clean, wipe and place rule kept the game going with Neil Carter beating Trevor Priestly with a net 39 to Trevor ‘s net 40. Out of the nine starters no one managed to get on the green on any of the short holes.

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