The Bunker Boys 29/08


Even without making an appearance on the podium, Geoff seals the deal on the second to last round of the month as none of the other players in contention were up to the challenge. Needing a win to stay in the running, Neil, Raleigh, Colin, and Jimmy were all knocked out by Thomas Nyborg who romped home with a very fine 40 points. For the second month in a row Geoff is Golfer of the Month. Congrats Geoff!!

Monday, August, 29, Bangpakong Riverside C.C.  White Tees  — Stableford —

Rumor has it that since moving back to Bangkok,Thomas has been seen at this well-presented track on a weekly basis. This obviously explains all the six foot or more one-putts, chip-ins from some twenty-feet out, never landing in a bunker, and keeping it in the fairway. Either that or, he just had a good day.

It was a good day for the Bunker Boys as nearly 50% of the players were able to play to or better their handicaps; and 40, 39, and 39 stableford points took the win, place, and show positions, respectively. Considering there are four par-4’s of over 400 yards, and three at nearly 400 yards, the Bunker Boys did a fine job of playing from the whites at 6,700 yards.

A special welcome to Colin’s mate, Graem Henry. It goes without saying, Graem is having a great time trying to keep up with Colin on the golf course and, especially, staying apace at the watering holes.

1st) Thomas Nyborg (15) 40 pts

2nd) Jimmy Carr (17) 39 pts cb

3rd) Colin Greig (12) 39 pts

Near Pins: Steve Durey, Trevor Priestly, Neil Carter, Thomas Nyborg

Wednesday, August, 31, Burapha G.C.  C&D  Blue Tees  -Stableford —

The infamous rough at Burapha proved to be too much for the guys today as no one had a par round (played to their handicap). 34 points took first place, followed by two 33’s for second and third. In addition to the thick rough, six par- 4’s of over 400 yards proved to be the undoing of a number of players: reg-on was out of the question for all but the longest hitters.

Lee Butler managed to win the day even with a lost ball, which was ultimately recovered after returning to the t-box and hitting a second ball which came to rest by what was thought to be the lost original, and an OB on the par-5 D-5 track in which he somehow managed to finesse three birdie points due to receiving two strokes on the hole.

Peter Habgood and Gerry Cooney both posted 33 points with Peter winning on count back by recording twenty points on the back after thirteen on the front, and Gerry fifteen on the back after eighteen on the front. Throw first and ask questions later, Peter, wasn’t in very good form today, i.e., we never saw a club outdistance a ball even with a meager thirteen points on the front.

Graem Henry hit three of the par-3’s claiming two near pins, but with no deuces.

Finishing up on the 18th — D-9 –, we look over to the t-box on B-1 to see two Koreans walloping each other and making quite a ruckus. The man in the green shirt was obviously displeased with a playing partner as he was punching, kicking, and attempting to pummel the man in the blue shirt. He was finally restrained by the other two members in his group just as the marshal showed up to restore order. After our shower, the man in the green shirt was with two of his mates in the parking lot waiting for a ride somewhere: obviously tossed from the course. No word on the man in the blue shirt. Kind of brought back memories of the Reds and Yellows.

1st) Lee Butler (20) 34 pts

2nd) Peter Habgood (22) 33 pts cb

3rd) Gerry Cooney (17) 33 pts

Near Pins: Graem Henry (2), Raleigh Gosney, Colin Greig

Friday, September, 2nd, Bangpra G.C.  White Tees  — Stableford —

Robbie Watts, accompanied by three of his mates from downunder: Dave McFeely, John O’leary, and Stuart (the Battler) Thompson, had high hopes of putting it to the Bunker Boys today at the always challenging Bangpra G.C. Unfortunately, none of the men were able to make an appearance on the podium when the presentation was held back at the M Club. Robbie and John did, however, come out on top in their four-ball against two of our regulars: Gerry Cooney, and Geoff Cox. It was a real grin meeting you fine fellows and better luck next time.

The monkeys were out in force today: Graem Henry had his sandwich nicked, and a rumble between big daddy and three of his cohorts was taking place on the sidelines of the 16th fairway. Second ruckus we’ve seen this week: first the Koreans, now the monkeys. I know what you’re thinking; but keep it to yourself.

The track was in good nick, the weather perfect: just another fine day in golf paradise.


1st) Les Cobban (8) 35 pts

2nd) Phil Moore (15) 33 pts

3rd) Neil Carter (16) 32 pts

B- Flight

1st) Jimmy Carr (17) 34 pts

2nd) Raleigh Gosney (18) 29 pts

3rd) Ross Schiffe (19) 28 pts

Near Pins: Phil Moore, Geoff Cox, Les Cobban

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