Bunker Boys 29/4

Monday, April 29th

Treasure Hill

1st Michael Brett (16) 31 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 29 points

3rd Geoff Cox (17) 26 points

Near pins Ross Schiffte, & Gerry Cooney

It’s been said many times that “a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day in the office”. That theory was put to a stern test today during our last game of the month at Treasure Hill. The course was in fine condition although difficult as always, the heat was oppressive, thunder rumbled in the air most of the day and the threat of rain was constant, fortunately, it never came. The course was empty so no pressure to play at any particular speed, nevertheless, scoring was some of the poorest we have seen in a long time with nobody mastering the conditions. Its a curiosity of golf that sometimes everybody plays poorly at the same time. A paltry thirty-one points was enough to secure first place which went to Michael Brett who had a very poor front nine but turned it around on the back with nineteen points, once again poor putting being his Achilles heel. Second place went to Jimmy Carr on twenty-nine and third to Geoff Cox with only twenty-six.  A measure of how bad scoring was is seen in the near pin competition with only two taken by Ross Schiffte and Gerry Cooney.

As it was the last game of the month it was time to find golfer of the month and the search was easy with Jimmy Carr having already wrapped it up with two hundred and sixteen points ahead of Geoff Parker who lead for most of the month but faded at the business end.

Wednesday, May 1st

Crystal Bay B and C

1st Jimmy Carr (17) 33 points

2nd Thomas Nyborg (16) 32 points

3rd Geoff Parker (15) 31 points

Near pins Jimmy Carr X 2

Mayday brought no relief from the searing heat we have been experiencing lately at golf. This situation was made all the worse today at Crystal Bay where all the drinks stations around the course ran out of ice by midday, not good on such a hot day. Nothing to be said about the course that hasn’t already been said. As it was a Thai holiday today and Crystal Bay the only course not to apply holiday rates it was busy with a couple of other societies playing there. Only a slight improvement in scoring today, difficult to put a finger on the reason, could be physical or mental fatigue or a combination of both. Jimmy Carr despite a slow start took the honors with a modest thirty-three points. In a rare appearance, Thomas Nyborg took second place with a strong finish to record thirty-two points and Geoff Parker rounded out the scoring with thirty-one points in third place. Jimmy took the only two near pins won so a contribution to the delinquent fund saw a freebie on offer back at Woody’s. After two rounds Les Humphrey is predicting better things are just around the corner for him so we will see on Friday how good a prophet he turns out to be, could it be we have a second John Hughes in our ranks?

Friday, May 3rd.

Pattaya Country Club

1st Mark Stanley (10)  33 points

2nd Geoff Parker (15) 33 points

3rd Les Cobban (7) 33 points

Near pins Geoff Parker, Les Cobban, & Mark Stanley.

Pattaya Country Club was the venue for the last game of the week and the course was in decent condition despite the back nine undergoing routine maintenance. It felt like we were back in high season again as it was quite busy with a few holdups. Storm clouds hung around in the distance but luckily rain stayed away. As has been the case all week scoring was on the low side, hard to believe in a week of golf nobody scored more than thirty-three points. The wind may have been a factor today as it blew quite strongly at times. Three players were tied on thirty-three and had to be separated by countback with Mark Stanley first, Geoff Parker second and Les Cobban third. Once again not all the near pins were won with one each to Geoff Parker, Les Cobban, and Mark Stanley, LesCobban came within a whisker of an ace on the sixteenth, previously he scored an ace at Bangpakong. As is normal for Mark when he wins he rang the bell. Despite not living up to his claim on Wednesday, Led Humphrey assured us better days are ahead for him so next week we expect to see him in the winners circle.


Geoff Parker presents golfer of the Month trophy to Jimmy Carr.


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