The Bunker Boys 28/03

1st  Jimmy Carr (18) 40pts

2nd Gerry Cooney (16) 38pts

3rd Tony Robbins (15) 37pts

Near Pins

Mark Stanley,Mashi Kaneta


The glorious sight of a green golf course greeted the 14 Bunker Boys as they arrived at the lovely Khao Kheow C.C. The A & C tracks were  in great shape, a real credit to the management during this very dry period. The scores were good but you had to be at least 70 years young to finish in the top three. Jimmy Carr, belittling his 73 years, took honors finishing with 40 points with the brakes on, according to his playing partners. Gerry Cooney, also 73 years young, came second with 38 points followed by the  youngster Tony Robbins, 72 years young, with 37 points. Well done to our grey haired geriatrics. All of our more age-challenged players found the going tough and were entertaining thoughts of appearing on the podium with scores in the low-30’s only to have their hopes dashed on arrival for the prize giving. At this stage in the race for golfer of the month four golfers have a chance of winning on the last day: the three who were on the podium today, and the leader at this point, Colin Greig.

Wednesday, March 30, Treasure Hill G.C. — Stableford —


1st Tony Robbins (15) 35 pts

2nd Lance Conway Jones (12) 32 pts

3rd Geoff Parker (14) 32 pts

Near Pins

Lance Conway Jones (2), Peter Allen, Mark Stanley.


A total of 16 golfers made their way to Treasure Hill on roads that have vastly improved since our last visit. We were welcomed by a new low season special of 1,200 baht for green fee, caddie, and cart. The course was in good condition with the greens in excellent condition with only a few complaints of them being a bit too fast for holiday golfers. We were all enjoying the day when half way through the back nine the heavens opened up with a typical Pattaya storm where if cover was not found you enjoyed a good soaking. As expected this put a dampener on the scoring except for Tony Robbins who waded through the rain in his chase for golfer of the month.In the final count Jimmy couldn’t play because of family commitments and Gerry found Treasure Hill tough going and although Tony had a good round he could only tie with Colin and Colin won on the Count back.

A round of drinks to celebrate Colin’s fourth win was enjoyed by all back at the Ranch.

Update on the invalids: John Hughes finally made it back on Friday, and  PJ is still recovering from three broken ribs.


Friday, April 1, Bangpra G.C. — Stableford —

1 st Jimmy Carr (18) 35 points

2 nd Gerry Cooney (16 ) 34

3 rd Les Hall (23 ) 34

Near Pins

Jimmy Carr, Richard Snellen,Les Cobban.

A poor turnout for our regular fixture at Bangpra most likely due to our most recent visit where we found the course to be suffering from heat stroke putting off some of our players. Unfortunately, the recent rains have had very little effect in improving grass coverage with very many bare patches still in play. May we suggest to management that they send the greenskeeper out with a bucket of white paint and mark these areas as G U R. Despite poor playing conditions our more advanced golfers managed to get around the course in respectable scores with only one point separating the top three. The greens, fortunately,  were still in good condition.



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