Bunker Boys 28/10

Monday, October 28th

Pattana Sports and Country Club A & B.

1st Stuart Brown (8) 35 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 32 points

3rd Gez Williams (17) 31 points

Near pins Stuart Brown, Jimmy Carr, & Michael Brett.

A hot sunny day for our second round of the month at Pattana where we were allocated A & B nines. The course was quite damp underfoot with no run whatsoever and with a stiff breeze blowing conditions for scoring were tough. Recently rain has come in the early afternoons, but today it was much later after we had finished.

In a solid display that included an eagle, Stuart Brown took first place with a score of thirty-five points. With a very good back nine Jimmy Carr threatens to make a very good score soon, today he took second with somewhat modest thirty-two. Gez Williams with three birdies on his card took third after a mixed round that included as many wipes. Near pins went to Stuart Brown, Jimmy Carr, and Michael Brett.

Wednesday, October 30th


1st Gez Williams (17) 37 points

2nd Tony Robbins (20) 35 points

3rd Glenn Henriksen (12) 33 points

Nea pins, Les Cobban, Gez Williams, Ken Davidson, & Jimmy Carr.

The last game of the month was played at the Greenvalley course under bright sunny skies with a nice cool breeze blowing. The course was in good condition, but the greens had recently been cored and sanded and were a little bumpy. This may have been our last game at Greenvalley for some time as high season pricing kicks in and unless Stuart Brown can work some magic and secure us a better deal on greenfews then that will be it till next low season,

Playing some of the best golf we have seen from him Gez Williams took first place with a solid thirty-seven points. Up to now, Gez drove the ball superbly off the tee, today he had the whole game working. Fresh from a sojourn in Oz for a few weeks Tony Robbins returned today with his A-game and took second place with thirty-five. From Wollongong in NSW, playing his first game with us Glen Henriksen took third place with a score of thirty-three. Near pins were shared between Jimmy Carr, Les Cobban, Ken Davidson, and Gez Williams. Keith Norman made his first appearance of this holiday period today and we expect more visitors in the coming weeks.

Once again it was time to find the golfer of the month. From the outset, Craig Dows set a cracking pace and lead from day one right up to the last day despite only playing six games. Jimmy Carr and Michael Brett with a decent score could have overtaken him on the last day but both having threatened to do so at various times came up short so it was Craig taking the honors.

Friday, November 1st


1st Ross Schiffte (18) 36 points

2nd Keith Norman (13) 33 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 31 points

Near pins Ken Davison, & Keith Norman X 2

The first game of November was played under grey overcast skies in cool conditions at the Emerald Club. Only two other groups were seen on the course all day, remarkable for this time of year. The course was in the worst condition anyone can remember, many fairways were in need of mowing, those that had been mowed had heavy swarths of grass clippings all over them, and many of the greens had large bare or brown patches on them. It was sad to see such a good layout in such need of attention, could be why so few people were on the course.

Ross Schiffte had his first win of this tour with a score of thirty-six. Keith Norman is settling in nicely and took second place with thirty-three in only his second game whilst Jimmy Carr brought up the rear with thirty-one points. Keith Norman grabbed two near pins and Ken Davidson took one with the final pin unclaimed.

On the international front two Bunker Boys, Robby Watts and Craig Dows aka “Keysbrough Bunker Boys” playing in an inter-club competition in Melbourne easily won their matches. Our former leader Neil Carter is now happily ensconced in his native Canada having secured a very satisfying corporate position in the telecommunications industry and expects to pay a visit mid next year, we look forward to his return with Yaya and Jack. On the local front, Steve Durey having undergone some spinal surgery in the last two weeks is making remarkable progress and is already exercising and riding his motorbike, we should expect to see him back on the golf course much sooner than predicted


Craig Dows “Golfer of the Month”

Gez Williams

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