Bunker Boys 27/10

Monday 23rd Oct

Mountain Shadow

1st Geoff Cox (15) 33 points

2nd Neil Carter (12) 32 points

3rd Alan Sullivan (15) 29 points

4th Michael Brett (16) 29 points

Near Pins

Geoff Cox x 2, Les Hall x 2.

After a weekend of rain of biblical proportions with Pattaya flooded in many areas Monday dawned bright and sunny with clear blue skies and bright sunshine.  Most looked forward to a pleasant days golf at Mountain Shadow. The course was virtually empty so play got underway ahead of schedule and proceeded to close without delay within four hours. This difficult course was in fine condition however the heat was oppressive and many wilted under the extreme heat. This was reflected in the scoring which was again on the low side.

Geoff Cox enjoying an extended purple patch again took the honors with a round of thirty-three. Neil Carter continued his good run of form to take second a shot back and Alan Sullivan took third with twenty-nine. Near pins were shared with Les Hall and Geoff Cox taking two each. We are expecting a big influx of visitors at the weekend so next weeks numbers should be significantly better than of late.


Wednesday, October.25th, 2017

Pleasant Valley

1st- James Carr (33 Points)

2nd- Ken Davidson (32 Points)

3rd- Les Cobban (30 Points)

T’was a beautiful day and the few who showed up for a day of golf at Pleasant Valley were ready to take on the well groomed course that had been reserved for them.  Greens were in great shape as per normal when we play PV, Fairways mowed proper althouhgh a little damp in certain areas do to quite alot of rain in over the past days.  But that is behind us now as the day was sunny and shiny.  Wish we could say the same about the scores.  James Carr came in as the winner, followed by Ken Davidson who just arrived back from the UK, and trusty old Les (eagle eye) Cobban with 3 closest to pins, also with not his best showing but still able to reach the podium today in 3rd place.

Closest to Pins

Les Cobban x 3

Ken Davidson 1


Friday, October.27th, 2017

Wangjuntr (Valley Course)

1st- Keith Norman (34 Points)

2nd- James Carr (30 Points)

3rd- Les Hall (28 Points)


Oh how we love to wake up and see the blue skies….We had a better showing of lads today as we hit the road to Wangjuntr, a course we play maybe once a year as the trek there is not favoured by many.  Glad we were given the option on which course to play, so we chose The Valley Course over the other two they offer.  We felt like we were the only ones on the whole course.  No hold ups, no pressure of play moving up behind us.  But a tough course none the less.  Todays honours were taken by Keith Norman who just returned to us from his homeland, welcome back Keith. Followed up by our beloved James Carr with not the greatest of scores but good enough for 2nd place. In 3rd a man who has been very consistent with his golf lately and closest to pins, Les Hall.  We are starting to see some of our snowbirds come back to Pattaya and look forward to more.

Closest to Pins

Keith Norman, Ken Davidson, Les Hall, Geoff Parker


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