Tropical Golf 27/05

Tuesday the 27th May 2016: Pattavia ( Stableford) If you look at the forecast you will see we were due to play at Bangpra, however with the dry weather of late the reports were that this Course was very dry. We also played there a few weeks ago and the day is remembered for the dryness of the Course. So we went to Pattavia.

The reports of this Course was that it still was well grassed and was well worth the visit. As it had been some time since I last played here, since the days of the ‘Old Clubhouse’, and what I can only describe as appalling Clubhouse conditions, I really was looking forward to improvement in that area. I remember two toilets, four showers and a dreadful Restaurant full of flies, even memory cannot think better of it and many players ceased to go.

On arrival I found a new Clubhouse and actually found it difficult to find the changing room, despite it being opposite the reception and is signed as Changing Room and that is sober. However when I finally got in I was impressed with a modern changing room and decent sized lockers.  We were able to change in comfort and get out to the first tee, This after a great rate to play the Course.

On the day the weather was overcast and not too hot, so the walkers were in a good mood and we moved around well. There has never been any doubt about the quality of the layout, only the bad road leading to the Course and the quality of the facilities  in the past. On this day the grassed Course was fine even if the greens were faster than any I have played this year and three and four putts were on nearly every scorecard. All in all a fine day out.

Round over it was a pleasure to have a good shower and go to the Restaurant for a cool drink. Then back to Pattaya.

We got back early and were soon into the results.

The winner with a fine 37 points was Don Carmody  ahead of Maurice Roberts in second with 35 points. In third we had Kenny Chung with 34 points and in fourth was John Davis with 32 points.  Then it was time to relax and discuss the day out and decide we would definitely go back to Pattavia.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin   Daryl Evans   Don Carmody   Landis Brooks


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