Bunker Boys 27/02

Monday Feb.27th,

Crystal Bay (white tees)


A Flight (0-17)

1st Raleigh Gosney             (17)                  73 net oco

2nd Tony Robbins               (15)                  73

3rd Sonny Khanna                 (14.4)              74

B Flight (17.1+)

1st Tony Messenger            (21.2)               66

2nd Dave Gow                     (18)                  70 oco

3rd Jimmy Carr                    (18)                  70

Near pins: Jimmy Carr, John Hughes, Sunny Khanna, Bob Cowell.

Despite many of our members being overseas for a variety of reasons a good turnout of two flights contested the last round of the month which was unfortunately plagued by slow play. Despite a holdup on highway 7, play started on time and proceeded to finality without any further holdups.

The medal format is not everybody’s favorite, nevertheless, scores were overall quite good with Raleigh beating Tony on a count-back and also celebrating a win in the A flight.Best score of the day went to Tony Messenger who had a win with an excellent score beating Dave Gow by 4 shots shortly before both departed. A case of take the money and run from both.

All interest for the day focused on the golfer of the month contenders, between long-time leader John Hughes and the fast finishing Keith Norman. Its hard to tell whether Keith maintained his fast finish or John Hughes did his best impression of Greg Norman and chocked, either way the spoils went to Keith, another having his last game of this current tour before returning to the UK. It is to be hoped that we will soon see a new rush of visitors to again swell our numbers.


Wednesday Feb.1st,

Greenwood A&C.


Fifteen Bunker Boys participated in the Links Bars monthly competition held at Greenwood, in a total field of eighty-three players. Despite the size of the field it is pleasing to report that no delays were experienced on the course and on the roads to and from the course.

The slope handicap system was used which had the effect of distorting scores, nevertheless, scoring was of a high standard. Many of the better players from the Bunker Boys were missing for a variety of reasons but those that did play performed with distinction and provided not only the overall winner in A flight, Neil Carter closely followed by Alan Freeman who lost on a count back, but also were among the prizes in most of the categories. Random prizes were on offer on all holes with the Bunker Boys taking more than their fair share.Among the prize winners were John Hughes, Ken Davidson, Sunny Khanna, and Michael Brett.

Back at the Links Bar delicious fare was available to all with one or two individuals putting away a substantial amount of food, going to prove that golf is not only thirsty work but also a way to build up a serious appetite.

The Links Bar are to be congratulated for their efforts in organising this event which it is hoped will get bigger and better over time. It is also an opportunity for golfers from different societies to get together in a spirit of competition and camaraderie.


Friday Feb 3rd,

Emerald (white tees),


1st Gerry Cooney                  (16)                        36 pts

2nd Mark Stanley                  (8)                          35

3rd Michael Brett                   (16)                        34

Near pins: Mark Stanley(2), Mike Brett, Les Cobban.

With some of our members taking a break and heading off to play Soi Dao we had a reduced field of only one flight.After an easy run down the three we checked in to one of our regular venues which was in good condition with fast greens and some challenging pin positions.Some of the tee boxes were in need of attention as were the brakes on their buggies.Some of the scores were good but quite a few poor scores were also recorded. The short fifth par three had its share of drama with Michael Brett’s ball falling off the tee on his downswing resulting in a bad shot but he recovered to feature in the prizes.Gerry Cooney is back in form and was the only player to record a level par round. John Hughes was enticed away from our game with a promise of free food at the Links bar after golf. With Neil away we decided to hold prize giving at the golf club before heading home.



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