Bunker Boys 27/5

Monday, May 27th

Laem Chabang A & C

1st Michael Brett (16) 42 points

2nd Tony Plummer (18) 33 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (16) 31 points

Near Pins Michael Brett.

Another low season visit to the beautiful Laem Chabang course which as always was in pristine condition, it would be a very fussy golfer who could find fault with this course. It didn’t matter where on the fairway or the first cut of rough one always had a good lie. The temperature was mild as the sky was overcast but there was no threat of rain. If we had a problem it was that we followed another society that were quite slow so patience was required.

Golf is a game that can mess with your head in which case it becomes very difficult to play. Such was the case for today’s winner who had to take a two-week break from the game just to clear his head. Today Michael Brett cleaned up winning all three sixes, the only near pin of the round and first place with forty-two points This score could have been at least three better with an accidental strike of the ball taking a practice swing resulting in a double bogey and a three put on the last. Second place went to a newcomer Tony Plummer who carded a round of thirty-three with the ever-present Jimmy Carr in third place with thirty-one points.

Wednesday, May 29th

Greenwood B & C

1st Les Cobban (7) 39 points

2nd Michael Brett ( 14) 34 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (16) 31 points

Near pins Michael Brett, & Les Cobban X 3.

A dull overcast day for our midweek game at Greenwood where we found the course virtually empty. Thunder and lightning were all around and at various times throughout the round, the rain tumbled down requiring us to take shelter. As a consequence, despite the empty course the round took much longer to complete than we had hoped for. At various stages, we had a need to move a ball from casual water to a dry spot on the fairway in order to play a shot, also there was the occasional plugged ball, overall not the most pleasant conditions by Thai standards, although anyone who played in the “Made in Denmark” tournament last week might have loved the conditions, its all relative.

Many years ago Winston Churchill famously described Russia as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”, he could just as easily have been describing the game of golf. Coming off a series of very low scores by his standards Les Cobban came back to his very best form today and took first place with an excellent round of thirty-nine off a seven handicap. He also monopolised the near pins taking three of them. One of his near pins resulted in a three put from about ten feet, so he could have done even better. On the other side of the spectrum following the heroics of Monday, Michael Brett had a big drop in form for no particular reason with only fifteen on the front nine but recovered somewhat on the back with nineteen for a thirty-four total to take second place, he also manager to get the remaining near pin. Third place went to Jimmy Carr with thirty-one. Today we had a rare visit from Steve Durey, fresh back from galavanting around the globe, his most recent destination was the Maldives, enough to make most green with envy.

Friday, May 31st


1st Roger Miles (5) 34 points

2nd Michael Brett (14) 33 points

3rd Graeme Mullins (7) 32 points

Near pins Les Cobban, Roger Miles, Robby Watts, Geoff Cox.

Our last game of the month was played at the Emerald course under grey skies and in mild conditions with the cloud cover keeping the temperature at a nice comfortable level. Rain threatened several times throughout the round with a few drops here and there but basically, we stayed dry.  The course was much as expected, in reasonably good condition, but it seems that the coarse “buffalo grass” is taking over. Any ball off the fairway sat down deep in the rough and was virtually impossible to play, just hack it out and take your medicine. A few of the greens are in need of some remedial work.

We had a bunch of new faces for today’s round with a group of Melbournians making their presence felt. Roger Miles took first place on thirty-four points and Graeme Mullins third on thirty-two points. Holding up local honor was Michael Brett in between them in second place on thirty-three. Near pins went to Les Cobban, Roger Miles, Robby Watts, and Geoff Cox.

Today was the last round for Peter Allen before he embarks on a travel adventure visiting twenty three countries in nineteen days, who is going to be green with envy at this one?.

As always on the last game of the month, it was time to find golfer of the month. Fresh from winning last month Jimmy Carr started in a blaze of glory stringing together several good rounds and establishing a substantial early lead. Geoff Parker gave valiant chase but faded and never really threatened. It was left to Michael Brett to come with a late rush of good scores and overtake Jimmy in the last week to claim the prize.


Golfer of the Month Michael Brett.

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