Bunker Boys 26/12

Monday, December 24th


1st Jimmy Carr (15) 37 points

2nd Daryl Vernon (24) 36 points

3rd Les Humphrey (28) 36 points

4th Geoff Parker (15) 36 points

5th Neil Jones (22) 32 points

Near pins, Keith Norman, Phil Mashiter, Gary Smith, Kob Glover.

The Bunker Boys Christmas Eve game was played on very hot conditions at the Emerald Club. Occasionally the wind blew strongly to moderate the temperature a bit but when it was not blowing the temperatures rose to extremely hot. The course was unusually clear so a very speedy round was had by all twenty-one golfers. Emerald is a typical Faldo course with barely a flat piece of ground anywhere, the fairways were like moguls with every conceivable type of lie to be had, uphill and downhill lies and the ball above and below the feet so one had to play every type of shot in the book. The greens were also a test with some of the wickedest pin placements ever, the greenkeeper must have a wicked sense of humor.

In the race for golfer of the month, Jimmy Carr made his intentions clear with his second win in a row taking first place with thirty-seven. Daryl Vernon again appeared in the winners circle taking second place with thirty-six points. Les Humphrey returned to form, also with a thirty-six taking third place on countback, while Geoff Parker also with thirty-six fourth place. Rounding out the winners Neil Jones who had a chalk and cheese round (nine on the front and twenty-three on the back) took the fifth spot with thirty-two points. There were four others also on thirty-two points. Near pins went to Kob Glover, Gary Smith, Phil Mashiter, and Keith Norman. In the spirit of the season, Jimmy Carr and Gary Smith generously donated their winnings to the delinquent’s fund so a free beverage for all. The night ended on a very sober note with our esteemed leader and organiser Neil Carter announcing that he is selling his business and moving back to freezing cold Canada in March so the Bunker Boys may be on the move again. Neil is so well organised and puts so much work into the Bunker Boys he will be very difficult to replace.

Wednesday, December 26th

King Naga

1st Tony Scambler (17) 38 points

2nd Akira Sekiya  (12) 37 points

3rd JimmyCarr (15) 35 points

4th Geoff Parker (15) 34 points

Near pins Keith Norman, Dave Ashman, Neil Jones, Phil Mashiter.

The spirit of Christmas is alive and well in Pattaya and none is held in its warm embrace more tightly than today’s winner. Following his win today, the second big win in three weeks, Tony Scambler rang the bell again, well done Tony. To add to the warm glow Jimmy Carr and Akira Sekiya also contributed their winnings to the delinquent fund so a second round of freebies was on offer, let’s hope we see this spirit of “Joie De Vivre” continue on into next year.

A small field of fourteen for today’s round at King Naga, it just seems some people will not play this course despite an improvement in its condition. Today the course was not at its best due to overzealous ground staff who it seems left the watering system on overnight so casual water could be found in many areas, nevertheless, it was well grassed and green on the fairways, best to stay on the cut surface as the rough was very rugged at best. The round was played at a good pace as the course was deserted.

Tony Scambler who suffers from severe OA continues to play excellent golf. Despite the pain of his condition, he took the honors with a fine thirty-eight points. Its brilliant to see Tony battle to keep playing golf with his ailments, he displays a real {can do spirit) most people in his position would just throw in the towel and drive a mobility scooter around Pattaya.  Newly arrived from Japan, Akira  Sekiya jumped straight into the groove with a solid round of thirty-seven to take second place. Jimmy Carrs is continuing on his good run of form and took third place with thirty-five, is Jimmy the next golfer of the month?. Geoff Parker rounded out the top order with a round of thirty-four. Despite being on three of the near pins Dave Ashman managed to snare only one, the others going to Phil Mashiter, Neil Jones, and Keith Norman.

Friday, December 28th

Pattana Sport and Country Club B & C

1st Keith Norman (14) 37 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (15) 35 points

3rd Mark Stanley (9) 24 points

4th Gary Smith (7) 33 points

5th Phil Mashiter (6) 32 points

Near pins Keith Norman, Stuart Browne, Daryl Vernon, Neil Carter.

It’s nice to see the spirit of Christmas still alive and well at the Bunker Boys. Following today’s round at Pattana Gary Smith for the third time in as many weeks donated his winnings to a very worthy cause (the delinquent fund), so also did Keith Norman, Daryl Vernon, and Mark Stanley so there was not just one but two rounds of free beverage to wash down the roast pig Christmas dinner. Ken Elmore made his first appearance this year at the Bunker Boys and allegedly enjoyed his first round at the back of the field with the redoubtable Les Humphrey.

The curse of  B1 struck straight away with all three in the first group putting their drives in the water on the right, one actually put two in having dropped at the point of entry, no names or pack drill. The pace of play was good with the round finished in three and a half hours, only on the sixteenth parr three was there any delay. Keith Norman put himself right in the frame for golfer of the month with a solid thirty-seven points. Jimmy Carr continues in sparkling form with thirty-five points and is now leading the field. Reigning Club Champion Mark Stanley took third place with thirty-four, while Gary Smith and Phil Mashiter took fourth and fifth respectively with thirty-three and thirty-two. Near pins went to Keith Norman, Stuart Browne, Daryl Vernon, and of course Neil Carter. There was a rumor that John Hughes had his drink spiked as after the dinner he spent some time in LK Metro searching for Jimmy’s bar, he would have had more success had he looked at the big flashing sign at Jibbys.

Keith Norman in cerise, not pink.




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