Bunker Boys 26/11

Kabinburi Country Club.

Bunker Boys 2nd Annual Golf Challenge Day 1

1st Bill Almeida & Bryce Buckley 43 points

2nd Tony Oakes & Geoff North 41 points

3rd Daryl Vernon & John Chesney 40 points

Near pins Steve Mann, & Barry Wellings

Longest Putt Ken Davidson

Fifty-six golfers made the trip to Kabinburi to participate in the second Bunker Boys Annual Golf Challenge. A number of players decided to make the trip early traveling on Sunday and enjoying a relaxing evening, while the remainder had an early Monday morning start from Pattaya. Groups came from most of Pattaya’s golfing venues. The course was in excellent condition with lush well-grassed fairways, and greens that ran quick and true, even the greens that had recently been cored were still good.  The weather was hot but a strong wind cooled things down nicely. The format for the first day was a pairs competition with the first three pairs recognised, there was also a near pin and a longest putt competition. Given that it was a team competition scoring was modest for this format. To speed up play, groups were put off the first and tenth tees simultaneously.

The winning pair were Bill Almeida and Bryce Buckley with a combined score of forty-three points, i.e. the best individual Stableford score for each hole totaled up to find the team score. Second place went to Tony Oakes and Geoff North with forty-one points while Daryl Vernon and John Chesney took third place with forty-points. Near pins went to Steve Mann and Barry Wellings while the second  Bunker Boy in the winner’s circle Ken Davidson snared the longest putt. Back at our base the Serenity Hotel and Spa golfers enjoyed a sumptuous buffet laid on by our host Olivier Daniel and his staff prior to the presentation of prizes, also each participant received their official competition T-shirt to be worn for the second days play

Tuesday, November 27th

Kabinburi Country Club Day 2

A Flight 0-14

1st Keith Allen 38 points

2nd Barry Wellings 38 points

3rd Chris Kerr 36 points

B Flight 15 +1

1st Stan Stuart 42 points

2nd Bill Almeida 38 points

3rd Tony Robbins 36 points

Near pins Alan Sullivan, Kim Danboise, Nigel Harrison, Steve Baker

Longest putt  Paul Hack.

Overnight rain and cooler conditions greeted players for the second day of competition. The pick, clean, and place rule was applied (fairways only) although it proved to be not necessary. The format for the game was individual Stableford score. Prior to commencement of play a group photo was arranged and once again groups went off the 1st and 10th tees simultaneously.

The winner of the A flight with the cut set at fourteen and under was Keith Allen with thirty-eight points. Second went to Barry Wellings also with thirty-eight losing on countback, while third place went to Chris Kerr on thirty-six points. In the B flight, Stan Stuart took first place with an excellent forty-two points. Bill Almeida appearing in the winner’s circle for the second time took second place with thirty-eight points, and Tony Robbins carrying an injury battled manfully to third place with thirty-six points. Near pins went to Alan Sullivan. Kim Danboise, Nigel Harrison, and Steve Baker, Paul Hack took out the longest putt. Prior to dinner and the presentation of prizes in true golfing tradition a charity chipping competition was held at the pool to raise funds for the family of the recently deceased Steve Allison from the Golf Club, a longstanding stalwart of the Pattaya golfing scene, a significant amount of cash was raised in this worthy cause. Our thanks for arranging the competition go to Neil Carter and Olivier Daniel who worked tirelessly to make the event run smoothly. Also, we would like to mention our various sponsors. Iconic, My Golf Bag, Golf Tour Asia, Travellers Rest, Serenity Hotel & Spa, and M Club.

Friday, November 30th


1st Geoff Parker (16) 38 points

2nd Ken Davidson (22) 34 points

3rd Michael Brett (15) 34 points

4th Gordon Melia (21) 34 points

Near pins Les Hall, Ken Davidson, Neil Carter, Nial Glover.

The last game of the month was played at the popular but difficult Pattavia course where a field of nineteen took part. The course was as usual in fine condition but the greens are now starting to get faster as they dry out in the summer heat and provide a real challenge. Lag putting is out of the question on most greens and if a putt is above the hole and doesn’t go in then its almost a guarantee that one is faced with another long putt uphill for the return. Speed of play was very comfortable today with no holdups or delays.

Geoff Parker announced his intentions clearly for the upcoming club championship with a well compiled thirty-eight points winning by a

solid margin.  Reigning club champion Ken Davidson made sure he was not out of the reckoning taking second place with thirty-four points, finishing the back nine with twenty-one points. Third place went to Michael Brett also on the same score as was Gordon Melia in fourth. There was a fourth player also on thirty-four but had the worst back nine of all four. Near pins went to Les Hall, Ken Davidson, Neil Carter, and Nial Glover.

The win catapulted Geoff Parker to top position in the race for golfer of the month edging out Neil Carter who lead for most of the month and also Keith Norman who failed to fire at the crucial time.


Golfer of the Month Geoff Parker.

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