Bunker Boys 26/10

Monday, October 26th

Treasure Hill White tees.

1st Tony Robbins (22) 33 points

2nd Myles Knowlson (13) 32 points

3rd Bob Paine (22) 28 points

Near pins Geoff Parker, Tony Robbins, Myles Knowlson, & Michael Brett.

Some days we feel blessed to be able to get out in the fresh air and play golf, and then there are days like today when it’s a real bind. Treasure Hill is arguably the most challenging course on our roster where scoring is always difficult. Today it was made all the more difficult by the fact we were out behind probably three of the slowest groups ever to play golf. Waiting for every shot on every hole just made it impossible for most to maintain any level of concentration or rhythm. as a result, scores were even lower than usual.

For some reason, Tony Robbins who normally likes a fast game seemed unaffected by it and took first place with thirty-three points. Some of his chip shots from within one hundred yards had to be seen to be believed, several ending up within six inches from the pin. A newcomer from down under Myles Knowlson took second place a stroke back and Bob Paine, another Ausie brought up the rear with a lowly twenty-eight. All the near pins were taken with one each to Myles, Tony, Geoff Parker, and Michael Brett.

Wednesday, October 28th

Plutaluang North & West

A really strange day of golf today. Our original venue Eastern Star first didn’t want to stick to the agreed price quoted at booking time but reluctantly agreed after some debate as they conceded that the greens were in poor condition due to excess rain. That was all we needed to cancel the booking and go to Plutaluang instead,  A very poor turnout as many didn’t want to play Eastern Star anyway as they always seem to muck us about so only three turned out. A green caddie fee of five hundred baht was excellent value at the Navy Course.

A very poor display by all three, on the lighthouse hole, all three put two balls in the water and wiped the hole, incidentally, the lighthouse was surrounded by water, the first time in about three years. In some areas, the course was very damp requiring a drop several meters away. Scores were too poor to mention.

Another reason for the poor turnout was the fact that three were joining Jeff Crosthwaite the following day for a game at Rolling Hills, a new experience for all as the course has only been open about six months, hopefully, we will see a more normal rollup for Friday’s game at Emerald, we are hoping typhoon Molave currently drenching central Vietnam and heading our way doesn’t cause too many problems.

Thursday, October’s 29th

Rolling Hills

1st Jimmy Carr (19) 33 points

2nd Geoff Parker (18) 32 points

A departure from the norm with a Thursday game at the new Siam Course Rolling Hills which has just opened this year. The host was Jeff Crosthwaite who has recently not only joined the Bunker Boys but also taken out a membership at Siam.

The boys were impressed with the layout and goes without saying the high standard of everything else that one expects from a Siam Course. They rated this course above Waterside or Plantation, it was judged to be a very fair course as there was a bail out option on just about every hole. If one had to be critical one could say the fairway bunkers might need some attention, also the caddies were not up to the same standard as the other Siam Courses.

Jimmy Carr playing off an exceptional handicap of nineteen took first place with thirty-three points followed by Geoff Parker and Tony Robbins with the host Jeff Crosthwaite last, what kind of guests allows the host to come last? As always with Jimmy sixes was compulsory with Geoff Parker taking two and one halved.

Friday, October 30th


1st Dave Ashman (23) 37 points

2nd Geoff Parker (18) 35 points

3rd Myles Knowlson (13) 35 points

Near pins  Jimmy Carr, & Geoff Cox.

For those that played Rolling Hills the previous day, what a come down. Many of the greens at Emerald we’re in a poor state, the rest of the course was as expected. The weather threatened once or twice but luckily we stayed dry, even got hot and sunny on occasions. A bit wet underfoot meant the pick, clean, and place rule was applied.

Dave Ashman played a very solid round to take first place with thirty-seven points, he also won all three sixes. Geoff Parker edged out Myles Knowlson on countback for second place. Only two near pins were taken going to Geoff Cox & Jimmy Carr.

As always on the last game of the month it was time to find the  golfer of the month and this time it was the turn of Jimmy Carr to claim his second trophy of the year with possibly the lowest winning total of the year.

Golfer of the Month Jimmy Carr

Best score of the week Dave Ashman.

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