Bunker Boys 25/8

Monday 21st August, Khao Kheow(white tees), C&A, Medal.

1st Geoff Parker(14)                                         73 net

2nd Neil Carter(14)                                           74

3rd Jimmy Carr(17)                                          78

Near pins: Neil Carter(2), Geoff Parker(2).

A good low season number of thirteen golfers made their way to Khao Kheow for the first round of the week. We were allocated the C and A nines and play got underway ahead of time and resulted in an early finish. A tough course at the best of times and today’s medal round seemed particularly so for many with at least five players not submitting a card at the close of play. It seemed that many grossed over one hundred net, even some who returned cards also topped the ton.

As usual, the cream rises to the top and the winner on the day was Geoff Parker who returned a very good score of net seventy-three off a handicap of fourteen, Geoff is currently playing consistently good golf and will be hard to stop winning golfer of the month with a solid lead and only five more rounds to play. Second went to Neil Carter one stroke back also off a fourteen handicap. Neil is also in the mix but needs a few wins to overtake Geoff. Third place went to Jimmy Carr on seventy-eight off a sixteen handicap. Neil and Geoff shared the near pins taking two each. Its time for some other members of our group to step forward and put some pressure on the leaders.

After a long absence, we were pleased to welcome back Barry Murnin for today’s round. Since his last visit Barry must have modeled his dress sense on that of Raleigh as both wore interchangeable Hawaiian tee shirts, even Jimmy is now getting in on the act, perhaps a whole new trend in after golf attire is about to evolve. On a course related matter today a caddie was seen to rake a bunker with her foot despite two rakes being no more than three paces away, a surprise event on such a well-regarded course.


Wednesday 23rd August.St.Andrews 2000,(white tees),Stableford.

1st Neil Carter(14)                                                      40 pts.

2nd Barry Murnin(16)                                                  35

3rd Mike Brett(15)                                                       33

Near pins: Mike Brett(3), Barry Murnin.

The Bunker Boys rarely play the St Andrews Course, however, a low season all in fee of seventeen hundred baht was enough to lure the brave and the foolhardy to today’s midweek round. One notable exception was Raleigh Gosney who in some Pattaya purple haze misplaced his house keys overnight and was confined to spend the day changing locks, a serious missed opportunity to close the gap in the race for golfer of the month.

St Andrews is a very tough course and presents a serious examination of one’s golfing ability and course management skills. It has some very long holes and some very tricky greens. It was all the tougher today with a stiff cross wind blowing, newly cored and sanded greens and bunkers of hard packed sand. In fact, the bunkers were of such interest to Geoff Parker that he decided to visit just about all of them on the course, Geoff is now available for lessons in how to play off hard packed sand.

A feature of today’s round was some exceptional putting, Steve Durey managed a long swinging putt across a slope for birdie on a parr three, Jimmy Carr had the broomstick working a treat both on and off the greens, however the shot of the day came from Neil Carter who had his second shot on a parr four sitting on the lip. As he walked up to the green a gust of wind blew up and pushed his ball in the cup, as they say, “it’s not how but how many that matters”. Despite a mini collapse on the closing holes, Neil produced the round of the day with an exceptional forty points off a fourteen handicap. Barry Murnin in only his second round of this tour took second with thirty-five points a  very respectable score, and third went to Michael Brett with thirty-three points despite three wipes.He did fare a bit better on the parr threes with three near pins, Barry took the remaining near pin.


Friday 25th August, Treasure Hill, (Yellow tees), Stableford.

1st Jimmy Carr(17)                                                37 pts

2nd Raleigh Gosney(17)                                        33

3rd Mike Brett(15)                                                  31

Near pins:Mike Bret, Peter Allen, Neil Carter,Raleigh Gosney.

Once again a good low season roll up for today’s round at Treasure Hill. After a long sojourn in Blighty, we were pleased to see the return of Gerry Cooney to our ranks today.  Treasure Hill is a favorite course for many despite its various challenges, particularly trees in the middle of many fairways, but an all in deal of eleven-hundred and fifty baht ensured that these issues were overlooked.

Play got underway ahead of schedule and proceeded apace for about six holes, then something odd happened. A number of local groups involved in a competition were shotgun started off the first and tenth tees. This in itself would not have been a problem except they were in groups of five and six so the inevitable happened, play ground to a crawl, frustration grew, and standard of golf deteriorated. At times as many as four groups were at the same tee box.

One who kept his head when all around him were losing theirs was today’s winner Jimmy Carr who returned a score of thirty-seven points, a very creditable effort under the circumstances. Second place went to (it’s not fair) Raleigh Gosney on thirty-three points who had a couple of notable chip ins. Third went to Michael Brett on lowly thirty-one points. All four near pins were won by different players.

Our end of low season trip away to Bangkok this year and not Hua Hin is taking shape nicely and places are filling up fast, anyone keen to participate should register their interest with the club as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. The courses we are playing are Lam Luk Ka, Panya Indra, Muang Kaew and Krungthep Kreetha. We have endeavored to avail of special pricing, promotions and sports days to keep costs as low as possible.

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