Bunker Boys 25/5

Monday, May 25th


1st Michael Brett (15) 34 points

2nd Steve Durey (20) 31 points

3rd Tony Robbins (20) 28 points

Near pins, Craig Webster, Michael Brett, & Peter Kelly X 2.

A grey overcast day for our round at Pattana today where we had persistent light rain on the front nine which cleared early through the back nine. The course looked superb, green and well-manicured, but anything off the fairway was in deep rough and a real challenge and was nigh impossible to play. The greens were superb, good speed, and rolling true. On reflection, we should have played pick, clean, and place as several times players had mud balls. Many of the water catchments are now full which is great news, unfortunately, the lake on the right side of B1was full of dead fish.

Modest scoring again with first place going to Michael Brett on thirty-four, as always should have been at least three or four better. Steve Durey continues to play steady golf and took second with thirty-one, with Tony Robbins way back on twenty-eight in third place.

After last week’s debacle with nobody getting a near pin in two rounds, it was back to normal today with all of them taken. Steve Durey had his name on three flags but missed all of them, with Peter Kelly taking two and one each to Craig Webster and Michael Brett.

Wednesday, May 27th


1st Daryl Vernon (17) 34 points

2nd Geoff Cox (15) 31 points

3rd Steve Durey (20) 30 points

Near pins Tony Robbins, Steve Durey, & Daryl Vernon.

On our last visit to Pattavia before lockdown, the course was in poor shape, dry, brown, and desperately in need of rain. In the interval, it has had good rain and is now back to its best again, in fact, it had more rain today during our round on the back nine, not enough to stop play just enough to get everyone wet. In particular, the greens were excellent, nor as fast as before but very nice.

We were lucky to hit off before a couple of local big groups so a decent speed to the end. It seems the days of big scores are in the past, for the last few rounds scores have been modest. Daryl Vernon in his first game since before lockdown set a cracking pace with twenty points on the front nine but fell away a bit on the back, nevertheless did enough to take first place with thirty-four points. Another one making a rare appearance Geoff Cox took second with thirty-one and Steve Durey (always in the winner’s circle) took third with thirty points. Near pins went to Tony Robbins, Steve Durey, and Daryl Vernon.

Friday, May 29th

Crystal Bay C & A

1st Steve Durey (21) 35 points

2nd Michael Brett (15) 35 points

3rd Tony Robbins (20) 35 points

Near pins Steve Durey, Geoff Atwell, & Jimmy Carr.

The Crystal Bay course was in the best condition we have seen for some time with the exception of the tee-boxes which were awful, rough, full of divots, and generally not up to the required standard. The greens whilst smooth and nicely cut were very slow. A little TLC would do wonders for this course. Heavy overnight rain didn’t have any effect other than scare off a couple who would have played if guaranteed sunshine.

A hotly contested game with three golfers tied on thirty-five points being separated on countback. The winner was Steve Durey who had seven points on the last two holes. Michael Brett took second and couldn’t blame the swarm of bees that attacked him on the closing holes, a few loose shots were his undoing.

Tony Robbins with nineteen of the front didn’t keep up the momentum and finished third. Near pins went to Geoff Atwell, Steve Durey, and Jimmy Carr.

The last game of the month was time to find the golfer of the month. Jimmy looked like he had it in the bag going into the last week but lost form. Going into the last game we had Jimmy, Steve, & Michael locked together on equal points, but the seven points on the last two holes did it not only for the day but also the month for Steve Durey, as far as we know that was a breakthrough win for Steve who is playing consistently since recovering from back surgery, look out for more from him.

Daryl Vernon current Ironman and winner at Pattavia

Golfer of the Month Steve Durey.

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