Bunker Boys 25/1

Monday, January 21

Pleasant Valley

1st Trevor Priestley (23) 44 points

2nd Keith Norman (13) 43 points

3rd Colin Greig (10) 41 points

4th Alan Sullivan (14) 40 points

Near pins Bob Cowell, Keith Norman, Stuart Tinkler, Colin Greig.

A split round this week for the Bunker Boys with six of our members competing in a Ryder Cup-style competition at Burrapha, and the remainder following our normal schedule. In the Ryder Cup, we had three teams playing in a 4BBB format. The team of Neil Carter and Richard Mohns won their match 2 & 1 as did Robby Watts and Michael Brett. Our last team of Jimmy Carr and Mark Stanley missed out having to endure some unusual difficulties not least one competitor who kept visiting the bushes regularly and not to find his ball. Shot of the day went to Michael Brett who had an eagle on the first parr five from about one hundred and eighty yards out.

In the rainbow round, some exceptional scores were returned none better than clever Trevor Priestley who returned a magnificent forty-four points. Almost as good Keith Norman came second a stroke back. Colin Greig stopped massaging his handicap and returned a score of forty-one while Alan Sullivan rounded out the scoring with a solid forty points. Near pins went to Bob Cowell, Keith Norman, Stuart Tinkler, and Colin Greig.

Wednesday, January 23rd


1st Dave Maw (19) 34 points

2nd Stuart Tinkler (15) 32 points

3rd Kob Glover (27) 32 points

4th Eddie Kelly (19) 31 points

Near pins Stuart Tinkler, Dave Maw, Colin Greig, Les Cobban.

Our main group of sixteen played the Bangpra course which is now back to its best condition in years. The greens were particularly quick with many struggling to manage the combination of slope and speed, three putts were common and this was reflected in the low scores returned. Dave Maw in his first game with us for some time got straight down to business and took first place with thirty-four points, he also managed a near pin. In contrast, Stuart Tinkler in his last game of this tour before returning to the UK for a major overhaul took second place with thirty-two points. Kob Glover continues to shine and took third place beaten by Stuart on countback, while the wily Irishman Eddie Kelly rounded out the scoring with thirty-one. Colin Greig, Les Cobban, and Stuart Tinkler took the remaining near pins.

In the Ryder Cup game at Burrapha, our three teams played the vicious game of two ball multiplier. Our opponents today were the strong USA team. Different pairings for today’s game with the team of Jimmy Carr and Neil Carter winning their game by one. Robby Watts and Richard Mohns won their game convincingly while the team of Mark Stanley and Michael Brett lost their match on the very last hole with an opponent chipping in for a birdie, one of three birdies on his last three holes.

A timely reminder to all golfers to control their caddies when driving a cart. Today we had a serious incident when a caddie drove a cart onto the fairway directly in front of someone teeing off. Luckily the ball struck the player on the shoulder at full pace and not six inches higher where the consequences don’t bear thinking about. Caddies often move carts when a player is in the address position upsetting the concentration. Also, it seems no caddies are aware of the new rule changes and continually want to remove the flagstick when players are putting.

Friday, January 25th

King Naga

1st Raleigh Gosney (22) 34 points

2nd Tony Robbins (20) 31 points

3rd Mike Lloyd (18) 31 points

4th Ken Elmore (20) 30 points

Near pins Colin Greig, and Les Cobba X 3.

A field of sixteen for the game at King Naga where the course was ok so long as you stayed on the fairway but offline there was little hope of a decent lie. People still continue to enjoy the layout but the course would benefit from TLC.

Scores were again on the low side with the winner Raleigh Gosney fully recovered from the flu taking first place with thirty-four points. Tony Robbins came second with thirty-one. Mike Lloyd on yet another flying visit came third with thirty-one while Ken Elmore brought up the rear with thirty. Near pins to Colin Greig and three to Les Cobban.

In the final round of the Ryder Cup, the team didn’t play to their ability however managed to win three of their six matches. One of our team was very unwell and did a magnificent job just to complete his round while another came up against a red hot opponent who shot the score of the day forty-three points. Star of the team was Neil Carter who won all his matches and came second in the individual on Friday, also winning a near pin. Team South Korea took out first place with the Bunker Boys in third.


Ryder Cup Team

Dave Maw



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